Monday, September 29, 2008

Kailey sings

Our Kailey is a happy singing girl, and sometimes I have to struggle not to laugh at some of her versions of the classics.

Yesterday after church Kailey was singing: "a sun beep, a sun beep" (if your not Mormon or a convert that didn't experience primary, click here: "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam")

She also sings, "Old McDonald had a farm.....Eli-Eli-O"

Rock-a-bye baby goes like this, "Rock-a-bye baby in the tree top, when the wind blows in the great rock..." (I have no idea where this on came from).

4th times a charm?

Check out the dilated pupil, this was after going in and having the eye checked out.

Two Sundays ago, I was in the mother's lounge with Eli. I was trying to burp him, and talk to Laura at the same time. Eli, in true form, climbed up to standing and started jumping in my lap. As I was deep in conversation one of his flailing arms flung a fingernail into my left eye. Corneal Abrasion #4! (Kailey has gotten me three time with her fingernails, guess I need to wear safety goggles while holding babies). I excused myself from the conversation, and headed to the bathroom to assess the damage. On the way I noticed that the damaged eye was blurry, but assumed that it was because the eye was watering profusely. When I got the bathroom and dried my eye, I realized, much to my dismay that the blurriness was not due to the water. So I went back into the chapel, slipped into our pew, stepped over Joel's mom, dad, and sister (they had evacuated because of Hurricane Ike), and got to Joel to explain the problem. He was the one that reminded me that we have an opthamologist in the ward; Laura's husband, Jeff. Joel and I made our way over to Jeff, and he came out to the hall to take a look. He affirmed that it was a corneal abrasion and called in a prescription for me. I still have blurred vision in that eye, after two different kinds of prescription drops. I'm trying to give it time now to finish healing.

Flour power

Friday started out with a challenge. I was in the kitchen cleaning and Kailey and Eli were in the living room playing (so I thought). The tv was on in the background and Backyardigans were on. As I got to the end of the kitchen cleaning, I thought to my self, "I haven't heard Kailey in a while...Backyardigans is on maybe she has been engrossed in that for the past 15-20 minutes...not likely." I ran to the livingroom. Unfortunately she hadn't been watching Backyardigans.I left some groceries in the livingroom after shopping. I guess I should have cleaned the livingroom first. As you can imagine this took a very long time to clean up. Eli had even crawled over to play in it; both babies were covered in flour. There is still flour embedded deep within my wool rug. If you stomp on it hard enough, flour ever so lightly dusts the hard wood floors. If anyone has any tortillas or pie crusts that they need to roll out, come on over!

P.S. The picture above and a lot of my recent pictures came from my phone, and that's why they are low quality. Expect more low quality pictures : ) It is a lot easier to take pictures with my phone.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Back to the timeline:
Sept. 1 - Gustav moves through. The guys stayed at our house, because we were almost sure that it would flood, even bought a water pump at harbor freight to put out in the yard to pump the flood water into the pond behind our house. Amazingly, our house did not flood; every time that we get any heavy rain, the water collects in the street and comes up into our yard. Joel said that we lost a few shingles off of the roof, but that was it. Having no trees in the neighborhood older than 3 years old was good thing for once. Most of the damage suffered in our area was caused by uprooted and broken trees. We lost power, phone, cable, and water had a boil order. That night after the winds and rain died down some, the guys took off for Ferriday. We lost power in Ferriday shortly after they left. Then Joel's dad called and recommended that we call Mississippi's hotline for road closures to make sure that the guys would be able to make it to Ferriday. I gave them a call and it turned out that Hwy. 61 (goes from Scotlandville to Natchez) was closed because of a tree across the road. So we sent daddy out to meet them at the downed tree so that they could hop in the truck with him. When the guys made it to the tree, a crew had just cleared it, so they were able to pass.

The babies having a good time coloring with pawpaw, before the storm hit.

Eli is starting to crawl. By last Sunday (14th) he had it figured out and is crawling all over the house.
Eli went down to Classy nails and had his nails done. He was able to get in with their best tech, Kailey.

Sept. 2 - Drove back home. It was super hot and sticky with no A.C.Our little generator would only run one fan, the fridge, and a light, so we moved the babies into our room at night so that they could feel the fan.

Sept. 4 - Take off one day early for vacation in Destin. A family in our ward invited us and several other families to stay with them in a beach house that a friend of theirs owns.
Sept. 7 - still at the beach, but we heard from our neighbor that power was back on at home.
Sept. 8 - back home
Sept. 9 - Kailey's first dance class. She did good and got a treat.I had to do a youtube search and learn how to put Kailey's hair in a bun. I didn't do a very good job, by the end of class her hair had fallen apart. This week was much better, it lasted the whole class!

This was right after her first class. She carries her ballet and tap shoes in her bag.

Sept. 11 - picked up Jared, Keri, and Ashlyn at the airport, Joel's parents and sister arrive (evacuated because of Ike), had dinner with a big group of Bonnette's.
Sept. 12 - Allison is 2!!!
Sept. 13 - Allison's birthday party.
Sept. 14 - Wendy and Dad Bonnette's birthday party.

P.S. I am going to add pictures tomorrow.
I'm not sure what it is about summer, but I have been terribly neglectful of my blog. I am so ashamed, I did not have one post in August! So since the last time that I posted, Eli turned six months, there was a terrible hurricane, Eli started crawling, we went to the beach, and Kailey started dance class. So here is a little time line:

Aug. 1 - Eli is 6 mo. old, weighs 18 lbs. 8 oz. and is a happy, growing boy! Also went to Chili's with some of the girls in the ward for Lisa's birthday, and headed to Barnes and Nobles afterwards for the Breaking Dawn release party (I ♥ twilight series).Aug. 2 - bought copy of Breaking Dawn
Aug. 14 - Joel went out of town for business and I headed to Lake Charles with the babies to hang out for a couple of days with Joel's parents and little sister.
Aug. 15 - When I got ready to leave to go home, Kailey asked to stay, so I let her stay in Lake Charles. I was really nervous that she would get homesick, so I called a couple of times on my way home to check and she was fine. She was so fine that she stayed until Sunday afternoon.

Aug. 30 - Left for Ferriday with Jamie and all of the babies, running from Gustav.
Aug. 31 - Eli is starting to crawl.
To Be Continued...
(I decided that I would do "to be continued" from now on because I have several drafts that I started in the past month or so, and never finished, so if I post part, I will have to go back and post the rest)