Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Church Pew and Coffee Table: Enemy of the Toddler

For several Sundays in a row (I lost count) I found myself rushing to the foyer with a screaming baby. Last Sunday was the exception, some how we managed to escape Sacrament meeting without any skirmishes between Eli and the pew. I guess the pew put in a call to his friend the coffee table because last night I returned from a girls night (we watched Twilight at Jeni's, she and Laura put together an awesome party) to find a fresh battle wound on Eli's eyebrow. Joel said that he hit the corner of the coffee table and cried for a really long time :(

That is not purple eyeshadow above his right eye. Funny story about this picture: I was sitting on the couch a few minutes ago with Eli in my lap. He was playing with the cordless phone one minute, and the next he put his head back against my arm and was instantly sleeping. I thought he was faking because he never does this. He has been a sleep fighter from the beginning, and when I say a sleep fighter, he is a black belt in fighting sleep. He must have been super extra tired this afternoon!

Here's a picture from Friday:

On Friday, Jamie and I went to Ferriday to visit papaw (he is in the hospital), and hang out with our parents. We had a good time hanging out with the folks. I tried to find a pictures of Allison and Kailey playing, but they were all of their backs. They have so much fun playing that they are never still enough for pictures.


  1. That wicked pew! He's in cahoots with the coffee table for sure! Poor little guy. Thankfully these kids bounce back fast!

  2. We've had trouble with pews, too. Does the book holder come off the back? That causes even more problems.
    I heard about your PawPaw, I hope everything goes okay for him.

  3. Aw! Poor Eli! You need to teach that pew a thing or two. The picture of the kids with your dad is cute too! I love that Rickie is right in the middle of it all.