Friday, August 28, 2009

Half way there folks!

I reached the 20 week milestone today. I got Kailey to take a picture of my belly. This was more difficult than I thought. She does good with her Fisher Price camera, but my camera was a little trickier for her. Her's what we got.

By the way, we did have our sonogram a week ago today. We did not find out what we are having. I wouldn''t have been sad if the technician had let it slip or if I had been able to see something. Ok so that was an understatement. I was listening carefully to every word that she said hoping to hear, "that is HIS foot" or "that is HER heart," but she was good, she didn't slip up. She also went pretty fast over the key areas so not to expose anything. I'll post some of the sonogram pictures as soon as I stop being lazy and get the scanner out :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of School!

Today was Kailey's first day of school. She is only going a few days a week and half days. It was fun getting her ready, new backpack and new shoes. Then yesterday about half way through the day, it occurred to me that I was going to have to leave her there for three hours. I started to worry about her being homesick or what if she didn't have any friends to play with at recess. I decided that I needed to just put the worries out of my mind and just deal with them if they actually happened.

This morning, Joel and I dropped her off, and she did great, no tears. She has always been such an independent girl.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Primary talk, school's about to start, Eli is 18 mo...

I have a few things to catch up on, I don't have all of my pictures ready, but I know if I don't get started I will keep procrastinating.

Sunday Kailey gave her first primary talk. She talked about preparing now to go to the temple. She did a good job (with help ofcourse), aside from keeping her mouth on the microphone the whole time :) Joel's parents happened to be in town on Saturday, so they stayed for her talk.

That's Izzy (Mavanie's pup) stretching in the background, she had been napping too.

Kailey starts school in less than a week, next Tuesday! I think she will have a good time. She has been good at jumping into new things. She got her hair trimmed a couple of weeks ago, we've done a little clothes shopping, so we are almost ready.

Eli turned 18 months on the 1st. You know what that means...nursery!! Not that I don't enjoy having Eli around, I was just very ready to not have to reassemble the bottoms of the primary bulletin boards every Sunday, and keep him away from the piano (sometimes while Sis. Gale was playing). We went this week for his check-up. He is 24 lbs. (50th percentile) and 32 inches (90th percentile) and as healthy as a horse. Our pediatrician pointed out that he has not yet been in for a sick visit, they have all just been well check-ups.

This is one of Eli's favorite things to do. I dont' understand it either.

Since I've been slacking on the blog we have been to California for the Bonnette family reunion and Eva got her ear's clipped, and I made it out of the first trimester. I'll get some of those pictures up soon.