Friday, May 9, 2008

A Miracle and true rednecks

A miracle occurred today. My children were not the ones weeping and wailing in Wal-Mart. I had the first peaceful trip to Wal-Mart in over three months!!

Also, I saw some true rednecks in Wal-Mart. The mom had on a gray muscle shirt and blue plaid pajama pants rolled at the waist, with a pink scrunchie in her hair. She was pushing the food buggy (I know, the fact that I call it a buggy and not a shopping cart means that I have a little redneck in me, too). The dad was pushing the buggy with the babies in it. He had luxurious long, butt cut hair cut straight across at the bottom around the shoulder blades (by luxurious I mean it had an unclean shine). He had an old blue t-shirt tucked in to old jeans with no belt, and the kicker (no pun intended), rubber boots that came just below the knee. Though they were a bit unkempt, they seemed like good people. The man actually seemed like a pretty good dad. He was doing a good job with the two babies. I have to say, they had things under better control than I've had in the past. I just still can't help but laugh to myself when I see this type of apparel in the Denham Springs Wal-Mart, and I'm reminded that we might just be outnumbered by them out here.

P.S. Details from the Orlando trip coming soon. I have lots of house cleaning to get to right now :(