Monday, March 31, 2008

Living with a two year old

Tonight, I had just finished bathing Eli, and I sat down on the couch with him. Kailey was eating some bbq baked lays, but I hadn't noticed that she was eating those. I had Eli in my lap, and Kailey came right over and patted him on the head with her yucky bbq baked lays hands. Bless her heart, she just wanted to be sweet and pat her brother on the head, but she sure did coat his poor little head in chip crumbs.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

THE way to eat a watermelon

There are some tech blogs out there with how-to's, so I decided that I should provide my readers with my very own how-to.

Watermelon has always been my very favorite food. Every time I eat watermelon, I eat until my stomach aches. I have probably eaten more watermelon in my 26 years than most people eat in a life time. A big thanks goes out to papaw. He knows how much Jamie and I love watermelon, and growing up he would buy them as fast as we could eat them. Also, every time that we went home to visit from college, during watermelon season, there would be one waiting.
When I eat watermelon there is particular way I go about it. First, I cut out the heart (put it aside and save it for last). Then I cut out the seedy parts, these go in the trash (I have always hated the texture of the parts around the seeds, if it is a really really good watermelon, I will eat these parts, but this has only happened about 3 or 4 times). Then eat whats left, and eat it down to the white part on the rind if it is a good one (this I do probably 75% of the time).

Here is a picture of a watermelon with the "bad" parts outlined in green.

This was the scene yesterday afternoon. In case anyone was wondering if Elmo was still hanging out, here he is. If you notice, Kailey even put his hand down, so that it looked like he was trying to eat. Today at lunch, we had watermelon again and she insisted again that Elmo eat some, too. So I put him in his chair, but I didn't put his arm down, so Kailey had to get down from her chair, go around, and fix his arm (I kind of laughed to myself). Also notice the pieces on Elmo's plate, coincidence, no way, but I sure didn't tell Kailey about the "bad" pieces, I let her think that Elmo got good pieces just like us : )

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some Easter pictures

Kailey's first time having something stuck in her hair : ) This was a banana sucker and the removal involved a bath.

Kailey on the phone with her pawpaw; he was offshore, so we didn't get to see him at Easter. She likes to talk on the phone, especially to pawpaw. She has even started answering the house phone, when she gets to it before I can.

Eli with my mom and papaw. This was Eli's first time to meet papaw.

Mammaw had some Easter eggs ready for hunting, so Kailey found some eggs with some help from Rickey (Rickey really did sniff the eggs out the ones that weren't in plain sight, and Kailey was able to find them)Kailey had fun dying eggs with at Aunt Wendy's house with her cousins Dathan and Madalyn.

Monday, March 24, 2008

"That's not a puppy!"

For Easter, we went to Ferriday on Thursday night and spent the day Friday with my family. On Friday, we went to lunch with my mom and mammaw at the Sandbar (our favorite seafood restaurant in Vidalia). Kailey was sitting beside mammaw, so when the food got there, mammaw was helping her out with her food. Mammaw explained that the round things were hush puppies, and Kailey with a look of shock exclaimed, "That's not a puppy! That's chicken." I had never thought about how confusing the name hush puppy could be for a 2 year old.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tummy time, Mike the Tiger, and Kailey cutting a rug

Tummy Time

Sweet sleeping baby

Kailey having a good time visiting Mike the Tiger

Kailey dancing in the front yard. Kailey has always loved to dance; now it has evolved in to dancing and singing. Her songs go like this: Hen -a - me - hen - a - you, or hey - na - me - hey - na - you. She especially likes to sing in the tub, and gets pretty loud sometimes. Sometimes she throws in some names and other words, too. The funniest to me was "hey - na - Jesus Christ - hey - na - you" (we had been reading Book of Mormon stories at night before bed, and the night before talked about King Benjamin prophesying of the coming of Christ).

Eli's Blessing, "I'm coming Mickey," and other adventures of Kailey and Eli

It's been a while, but I finally have a minute to blog. I'll try not to make this is a super long post, even though lots has happened since my last post.

We had Eli's blessing on the 2nd of March. As usual, we forgot the camera, so we had to take pictures after we got home.

Thursday, the 6th, Eli smiled at me for the first time.

The next weekend we went to Lake Charles and stayed with Joel's family, because Playhouse Disney was at the civic center (it didn't come to Baton Rouge this time). Kailey was really excited. When we got to the civic center, and were walking up to the door, she said, "I'm coming Mickey!" She had a good time dancing and singing along. Precious little Eli slept through the whole thing, bless his heart. And as usual, we forgot the camera, so the only picture that we have is the one that we had made there with Handy Manny.

Monday the 10th, I went for the first time by myself to Wal-Mart with both kiddos and got my grocery shopping done. . Eli slept in the sling while Kailey hung out in the buggy as usual. I'm still a little scared to go off by myself with both babies. I guess I'm just afraid that Eli's colicky ways will come out and he will be inconsolable in the middle of Wal-Mart, and Kailey, knowing that I'm distracted with Eli will go wild (she picked up really quickly on the fact that I'm distracted when Eli is screaming so she can get away with a lot of stuff). Eli seems to be growing out of the colic a little at a time. Hopefully it won't be much longer and he will be an easier baby.