Thursday, March 27, 2008

THE way to eat a watermelon

There are some tech blogs out there with how-to's, so I decided that I should provide my readers with my very own how-to.

Watermelon has always been my very favorite food. Every time I eat watermelon, I eat until my stomach aches. I have probably eaten more watermelon in my 26 years than most people eat in a life time. A big thanks goes out to papaw. He knows how much Jamie and I love watermelon, and growing up he would buy them as fast as we could eat them. Also, every time that we went home to visit from college, during watermelon season, there would be one waiting.
When I eat watermelon there is particular way I go about it. First, I cut out the heart (put it aside and save it for last). Then I cut out the seedy parts, these go in the trash (I have always hated the texture of the parts around the seeds, if it is a really really good watermelon, I will eat these parts, but this has only happened about 3 or 4 times). Then eat whats left, and eat it down to the white part on the rind if it is a good one (this I do probably 75% of the time).

Here is a picture of a watermelon with the "bad" parts outlined in green.

This was the scene yesterday afternoon. In case anyone was wondering if Elmo was still hanging out, here he is. If you notice, Kailey even put his hand down, so that it looked like he was trying to eat. Today at lunch, we had watermelon again and she insisted again that Elmo eat some, too. So I put him in his chair, but I didn't put his arm down, so Kailey had to get down from her chair, go around, and fix his arm (I kind of laughed to myself). Also notice the pieces on Elmo's plate, coincidence, no way, but I sure didn't tell Kailey about the "bad" pieces, I let her think that Elmo got good pieces just like us : )


  1. Ok, I SERIOUSLY laughed out loud at your how-to demonstration! I didn't know there was such a technical way to eat a watermelon. Now I know and knowing is half the battle (G.I. Joe!). I laughed even more to see the picture of Elmo partaking in the juicy goodness with his less than desirable share. Good thing Kailey isn't wise yet to the proper way to eat a watermelon or you'd have some explaining to do! Very funny post. Thanks for the good laugh!

  2. i ave my own method of eating water melon. i am gad i am not the only one. maybe this weekend i can get my dad to buy us some water melon. we like to spit the seeds off the porch.

  3. jeni...if you spit the seeds off the porch, why aren't there any watermelons growing in the back yard?
    and holly---love the circles around the bad parts. bart hates those parts, too.
    i may have to try your method next time!

  4. I loved getting caught up on the blog. I've been "missing" for a while due to moving, etc. But, I'm back and I love your kids!

    I, too, love watermelon. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to it, so I can't eat it (sigh).

  5. My dad would flip if he knew how you ate your watermelon! He thinks every part needs to be eaten (minus the rind) and no cutting out the heart unless its off your own individual piece.
    I love that Elmo got to join I'm craving watermelon!