Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some Easter pictures

Kailey's first time having something stuck in her hair : ) This was a banana sucker and the removal involved a bath.

Kailey on the phone with her pawpaw; he was offshore, so we didn't get to see him at Easter. She likes to talk on the phone, especially to pawpaw. She has even started answering the house phone, when she gets to it before I can.

Eli with my mom and papaw. This was Eli's first time to meet papaw.

Mammaw had some Easter eggs ready for hunting, so Kailey found some eggs with some help from Rickey (Rickey really did sniff the eggs out the ones that weren't in plain sight, and Kailey was able to find them)Kailey had fun dying eggs with at Aunt Wendy's house with her cousins Dathan and Madalyn.


  1. looks like ya'll had a blast. maybe next year we can all have an easter egg hunt at momma's house. brooklyn loved every chance she got to find eggs!

  2. i love your mawmaw and papaw. they are great. i used to love how your grandma always brought egg salad sandwiches to everything! :-)

  3. i love your mammaw and papaw too. your papaw looks so proud to be holding eli. :) i hope i get a chance to visit with them when we come down in may. i miss them. i miss everyone.

    i'm glad kailey's sucker was safely removed. i'm glad it didn't involve any cutting or any other drastic measure. :)

    that's cute about her answering the phone. :)

    your kids are both so stinkin' adorably cute. i can't wait to see everyone and meet cute little eli. :)