Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tummy time, Mike the Tiger, and Kailey cutting a rug

Tummy Time

Sweet sleeping baby

Kailey having a good time visiting Mike the Tiger

Kailey dancing in the front yard. Kailey has always loved to dance; now it has evolved in to dancing and singing. Her songs go like this: Hen -a - me - hen - a - you, or hey - na - me - hey - na - you. She especially likes to sing in the tub, and gets pretty loud sometimes. Sometimes she throws in some names and other words, too. The funniest to me was "hey - na - Jesus Christ - hey - na - you" (we had been reading Book of Mormon stories at night before bed, and the night before talked about King Benjamin prophesying of the coming of Christ).


  1. That is hillarious! I'm glad to know that Kailey chooses to sing about Jesus.

  2. They are adorable together. You can already tell that Eli will have Kailey's shade of hair. It is beautiful!

  3. That is so funny! She better sing and dance for me tomorrow at the Easter Egghunt! I'm just laughing thinking about it. Eli is still as adorable as ever!

  4. What a great tiny dancer!
    and what a cute baby boy you have!

  5. She's got some prety good moves there. Good pictures