Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Watch out WWF

This afternoon, I had Kailey and Eli on Kailey's bed as I read Kailey a book before her nap. Kailey was sitting next to me listening and Eli was squirming and flipping all around. Then out of no where he jumped up and body slammed Kailey. This is nothing new; he has a signature move, we call the "death roll" (you know, like the alligator). If you are on the floor and Eli is in a wrestling mood, expect to find him on top of you rolling around.
I was going to just let the Kumala picture speak for itself, but I decided I had better give some kind of background info. Kumala was mine and Jamie's favorite wrestler growing up. When my dad would watch. Jamie and I would run to the back, get our pillows and put them in our shirts and pretend to be Kumala. Why Kumala and not Hulk Hogan, Jake the Snake, The Undertaker?? The fancy tattoos.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Now we know what they teach the kids in nursery

Apparently they teach the kids to eat bananas like corn on the cob in our church nursery. Check out my friend Jeni's blog. Nursery is the likely explanation if both Kailey and Brooklyn have done this. Naomi, you might be reading this, and its ok if you want to deny it; but Jeni and I know the truth ;) {for the record, Kailey is technically a sunbeam, sun beep if you ask her, but it is only january making it possible for her to remember something from nursery}

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thanks a lot GPS

Joel and I decided late last week that we would take the babies to the New Orleans Aquarium on Saturday. So we set off that morning and headed for New Orleans. We put the Aquarium address into our GPS and I read out loud from our latest book selection as we drove, and the babies watched Its the great pumpkin Charlie Brown (I know, it's not even close to Halloween, but Kailey insisted, its one of her favorites). Before we knew it, we were in New Orleans, and going over the river, into Gretna. As we were going over the bridge, I said to Joel, "This isn't right, the Aquarium is back that way." I didn't remember exactly how to get there, but I definitely knew it wasn't across the bridge. His replied that he was just going where the GPS said to go. Turns out, we went over into Gretna, drove around, and ended up on the ferry, headed back over the river. I don't know how in the world the GPS came up with that route, but it was the craziest route I have ever taken to the aquarium that's for sure. (I was talking a friend, Jill, she and her husband had a similar experience in New Orleans, and she said that they figured that it was some kind of conspiracy to make people have to pay the tolls and ferry fees. In both cases, hers and mine, fees/tolls would not have been paid if not for the crazy round about GPS directions. So Ray Nagin and the GPS people, we are on to you!!) Any way, we did make it to the Aquarium and had a good time.

This is a shot from the Ferry as we were pulling up to the Riverwalk.

I love this one, Eli's face cracks me up.

After the Aquarium, we took the street car down to Jackson Square and walked a few blocks to have lunch at the Gumbo Shop. I didn't have high expections for this place, the name sounded a little generic to me, but it was highly recommended by Jelani. It was every bit as good as Jelani had promised. I am kind of picky about gumbo. I have rarely found a gumbo that I would consider good compared to mammaw's and Joel's mom's. I still prefer homemade, but this place had good gumbo (the best that I have had in a restaurant).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moose surfing

Let me set the stage: We were having family prayers before Joel left for work, I had Kailey, and Eli was free. We usually don't hold onto him during prayers, because it will be a fight. So Eli just does his own thing during prayers. During the prayer this morning I peeked to check on Eli, and Joel must have peeked the same time that I did. We found him standing on top of the rocking moose, not holding on. I jumped up and got him off and Joel added to the prayer, "please bless hot rod Eli that he won't do anything too dangerous today."I obviously did not get a surfing shot, so you'll have to accept this less exciting version of Eli and the moose, taken this morning.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rickey's 4 year check-up

I brought Rickey in for her yearly check-up a few days ago, and she is as healthy as a horse. She took her shots like a trooper, and ate up her heart worm preventative like it was candy. She's just a little overweight, so like many of us, her new years resolution is to lose a little weight, 4 lbs. to be exact. This kind of translates into a new years resolution for me too: walk Rickey everyday to help her lose the 4 lbs.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Earlier today, Kailey was playing with one of Eli's toys. It was his Christmas gift from Jamie, a cute little pull toy. In true Kailey form, Kailey asked, "Mom, do you know what his name is?" I responded, "no," and she proceeded to tell me that his name is Nonescadido. I think that this zebra must be espaƱol. I think Kailey has been watching too much Dora, too (see Jamie's most recent post, the one with Sarah's peace sign belly button, check out the last part about Allison).

Those are a couple of pictures from earlier today. My mom came down today, so me and the babies headed over to Jamie's to hang out.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

iPhone death

Saturday afternoon, while I was on the phone (house phone) with my parents, Eli grabbed my phone off of the bed and took off with it. I was so involved in my conversation with my parents that I didn't really pay attention to Eli leaving the room with my phone. Well a few minutes later, I heard Kailey yelling that she needed to use the potty. After I got off of the phone, I went through the house searching for my phone. I found it in the bathroom a little water logged. I quickly tried to resusitate it by drying and shaking water out of it. I brought it to Joel to see what he could do, he shook it even harder and got more water out of. I frantically searched online for hope that there might be some way to revive my sweet little phone. I found a few sites that recommended putting it in a container with a desiccant. So I set off for Lowe's and picked up some damp rid, and it sits in the container still. I have tried it a few times, but there are no signs of life. Joel did find a video tonight that suggested that when iPhone's are dropped into water, the battery is often destroyed because the batteries inside these are not covered in metal like most other cell phone batteries. So there are a few other things to try, but for now it is just hanging out with the damp rid. (Joe I know you are cringing at my lack of photo editing skills, sorry).

Saturday, January 3, 2009

sorry and a quick december recap

I took a little break after nablopomo that turned into a big break. You know it is bad when your parents get onto you, and it is brought up at the book club meeting that you haven't posted in over a month : )
As I proofed the last couple of sentences that I had just typed, I read the word's "little break" and I was reminded of what "little break" meant when I was in college. Have I ever told you about my "little breaks" from my college days? I don't think I have. Jamie and I were terrible about staying out too late (not the way most people think, it was always good clean mormon fun) and putting off homework until the very last minute. So we would end up in the dining room (that's where our computer was), at 2 a.m. working on homework, and we would be so exhausted that we would take turns taking "little breaks." This is were you get out of your desk chair, lay down on the floor and take a 3-5 min. nap, get up, get back in the chair, work until you can't stand it any more, lay back on the floor and start the process over.

One night, as I was typing a paper, I was going through the usual ritual, and when I returned to my chair to commence typing, I was still half a sleep, literally. I began typing again only to fall back a sleep "at the wheel." I began to dream about horses and when I woke up I had typed the words "saddle bags" into my paper.

Now that I got that tangent out of the way, Here's a little bit of what we have been up to since Thanksgiving:

The Friday after Thanksgiving, we went to Jezebel's first birthday in Ferriday. Then, Sunday night Clare, Daniel, and Jezebel came and stayed a couple of nights with us. It was super fun having them stay. And as an added bonus, Daniel fixed Kailey's kitchen (it never made its cooking noises like it was supposed to when you put the pot on the burner, and the phone never worked). I love those folks soooo much!!
December 11: I still can't believe that it snowed that much! Jamie called really early and prefaced the conversation with, "don't be mad that I'm calling this early, I was kind of mad at Mary when she called, but I was glad she did when she told me why she was calling."

December 13: Kailey turned 3!! We rented an inflatable and had some family and friends over.

December 25 - We went to Lake Charles on Christmas day to hang out with Joel's family, and then we headed to Ferriday to hang out with my family. I'll have to put up Christmas photos later; I haven't gotten those off of the camera yet. Terrible, I know.