Sunday, January 25, 2009

Now we know what they teach the kids in nursery

Apparently they teach the kids to eat bananas like corn on the cob in our church nursery. Check out my friend Jeni's blog. Nursery is the likely explanation if both Kailey and Brooklyn have done this. Naomi, you might be reading this, and its ok if you want to deny it; but Jeni and I know the truth ;) {for the record, Kailey is technically a sunbeam, sun beep if you ask her, but it is only january making it possible for her to remember something from nursery}


  1. I guess that is one way to eat the banana. That is to funny. Kids have a way of doing things these days.

  2. well well, i guess the cat is out of the bag...we figure since we have to watch your kids for 2 hours every week, we'll teach them how to eat their snacks all dipping the goldfish in their water before they eat it??? i think they all need to be dubbed mocking birds. what one doesn't think of first, another one will, and they follow the leader.

  3. Yeah, I'm thinking about pulling her out of nursery. I mean, teaching kids crazy ways of eating snacks . . .
    Just kidding, Allison loves nursery so much she'd probably throw a fit if she knew I was even joking about this.

  4. I knew nursery was an evil place to be. Eating bananas like corn? What is this world coming to?
    I am going to have to start asking around my ward and see if they are teaching the Omaha kiddos to eat pizza upside down with the toppings and cheese threatening to fall off into Jack's lap with every bite.