Saturday, January 3, 2009

sorry and a quick december recap

I took a little break after nablopomo that turned into a big break. You know it is bad when your parents get onto you, and it is brought up at the book club meeting that you haven't posted in over a month : )
As I proofed the last couple of sentences that I had just typed, I read the word's "little break" and I was reminded of what "little break" meant when I was in college. Have I ever told you about my "little breaks" from my college days? I don't think I have. Jamie and I were terrible about staying out too late (not the way most people think, it was always good clean mormon fun) and putting off homework until the very last minute. So we would end up in the dining room (that's where our computer was), at 2 a.m. working on homework, and we would be so exhausted that we would take turns taking "little breaks." This is were you get out of your desk chair, lay down on the floor and take a 3-5 min. nap, get up, get back in the chair, work until you can't stand it any more, lay back on the floor and start the process over.

One night, as I was typing a paper, I was going through the usual ritual, and when I returned to my chair to commence typing, I was still half a sleep, literally. I began typing again only to fall back a sleep "at the wheel." I began to dream about horses and when I woke up I had typed the words "saddle bags" into my paper.

Now that I got that tangent out of the way, Here's a little bit of what we have been up to since Thanksgiving:

The Friday after Thanksgiving, we went to Jezebel's first birthday in Ferriday. Then, Sunday night Clare, Daniel, and Jezebel came and stayed a couple of nights with us. It was super fun having them stay. And as an added bonus, Daniel fixed Kailey's kitchen (it never made its cooking noises like it was supposed to when you put the pot on the burner, and the phone never worked). I love those folks soooo much!!
December 11: I still can't believe that it snowed that much! Jamie called really early and prefaced the conversation with, "don't be mad that I'm calling this early, I was kind of mad at Mary when she called, but I was glad she did when she told me why she was calling."

December 13: Kailey turned 3!! We rented an inflatable and had some family and friends over.

December 25 - We went to Lake Charles on Christmas day to hang out with Joel's family, and then we headed to Ferriday to hang out with my family. I'll have to put up Christmas photos later; I haven't gotten those off of the camera yet. Terrible, I know.


  1. That's so funny that your parents get on your case. My mom does the same thing when I don't post on our blog for weeks at a time. I just say, call me and I'll just tell you what's going on in my life!

    Oh, and the linked text probably got inside the brackets of your photo somehow. Double check the html in your post. Hope the new year is treating you well!

  2. I remember those "breaks." Those were the good old days, when we could survive on 2 hours of sleep and finish homework in record time. Those are some nice pictures, too.

  3. I remember those breaks too. I'm glad I never had to do any projects with you guys. I remember being frustrated with you though, even though it had nothing to do with me. Do you think times have changed with your procrastination? (just wondering)

  4. great pictures! And I remember those breaks. You took breaks getting dressed in the mornings too :) Shower and dress...lay back down. Funny girl.