Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thanks a lot GPS

Joel and I decided late last week that we would take the babies to the New Orleans Aquarium on Saturday. So we set off that morning and headed for New Orleans. We put the Aquarium address into our GPS and I read out loud from our latest book selection as we drove, and the babies watched Its the great pumpkin Charlie Brown (I know, it's not even close to Halloween, but Kailey insisted, its one of her favorites). Before we knew it, we were in New Orleans, and going over the river, into Gretna. As we were going over the bridge, I said to Joel, "This isn't right, the Aquarium is back that way." I didn't remember exactly how to get there, but I definitely knew it wasn't across the bridge. His replied that he was just going where the GPS said to go. Turns out, we went over into Gretna, drove around, and ended up on the ferry, headed back over the river. I don't know how in the world the GPS came up with that route, but it was the craziest route I have ever taken to the aquarium that's for sure. (I was talking a friend, Jill, she and her husband had a similar experience in New Orleans, and she said that they figured that it was some kind of conspiracy to make people have to pay the tolls and ferry fees. In both cases, hers and mine, fees/tolls would not have been paid if not for the crazy round about GPS directions. So Ray Nagin and the GPS people, we are on to you!!) Any way, we did make it to the Aquarium and had a good time.

This is a shot from the Ferry as we were pulling up to the Riverwalk.

I love this one, Eli's face cracks me up.

After the Aquarium, we took the street car down to Jackson Square and walked a few blocks to have lunch at the Gumbo Shop. I didn't have high expections for this place, the name sounded a little generic to me, but it was highly recommended by Jelani. It was every bit as good as Jelani had promised. I am kind of picky about gumbo. I have rarely found a gumbo that I would consider good compared to mammaw's and Joel's mom's. I still prefer homemade, but this place had good gumbo (the best that I have had in a restaurant).


  1. Stinky GPS. At least it was an adventure. You can take that route later and tell Kailey that it's the "secret" way to get to the aquarium. The other way isn't nearly as exciting. :)

    I love the new layout with the birdies. :)

    I also love the pic of you with your sweet. :)

  2. Eli's face cracks me up too! I looked at the pictures first and that is the thought I had then I read what you wrote. I love how Kailey is looking at him. I love your new layout. The font for Bonnettes is so you. I love fonts.

  3. I love, love, love the new blog background and banner! I also love Eli's face in the picture. He looks like, "are you kidding? you really want me to put my head in here for the picture?"

  4. Wow some GPS. Now was that the one on the IPhone? Just curious? I love that place. Looks like yall had fun. Eli's face is hilarious! hehe he'll love that one when he gets older.

  5. Awww- your layout is so fun and chic!

    Which GPS unit do you have? Our TomTom can be mischievous sometimes too- you have to watch those sneaky computers!

    The pictures are G-R-E-A-T! {Did you say it in your head like the Kellogg's Tiger? :-) }

  6. dude, you are so lucky you didn't wind up in the projects...
    the ferry's fun to ride so maybe it worked out? or maybe the ferry was fun to ride when I was 5 and you hated it? Anyway...glad you are safe :)