Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rickey's 4 year check-up

I brought Rickey in for her yearly check-up a few days ago, and she is as healthy as a horse. She took her shots like a trooper, and ate up her heart worm preventative like it was candy. She's just a little overweight, so like many of us, her new years resolution is to lose a little weight, 4 lbs. to be exact. This kind of translates into a new years resolution for me too: walk Rickey everyday to help her lose the 4 lbs.


  1. At least she'll have fun keeping her New Years Resolution- I always dread starting up new exercise routines but dogs have it easy! It will be good for you too though- you can never get too much fresh air or go on too many walks. Have fun!

  2. Then you get to lose 4 lbs, too. What a nice doggie to give you that gift :-)

  3. I wonder if it's harder for girl dogs to shed lbs. than boy dogs. Whenever Josh and I diet, he'll lose 40 pounds to my 5.