Friday, June 1, 2007

Bye Sam

Those of you who know our pups, know that Sam had been sick for about a year. He would go through some rough times, then he would seem to get a little better. He had mostly been on a steady decline the past year. In the past couple of weeks his health was really going down, so we decided to go ahead and bring him in to the vet on Tuesday, to have him put down. Joel came home early from work and we all went. When I started to get upset and cry, Kailey quickly reached for Joel, and looked back at me like "what is going on with you?" I was crying, and at the same time laughing at her. I guess because she has never really seen me cry, she didn't know what was going on.

We had a good talk with the tech, and she explained that there were obviously multiple health problems, and that we were doing the right thing. She explained that if we had continued to pursue treatment, we would have most likely ended up right back there after a short time, and lots of money spent. Before going, I was really worried that we hadn't done all that we could do for him, but after that talk, I felt a lot better. All of our family and friends have been really sweet about everything. I really appreciate the calls and, and Elizabeth, the card was so nice.

I made a collage of my favorite pictures, I started with almost 30 and had to narrow it down to 10 :)


  1. holly,
    i am sorry for your family's lose. i know how much your animals mean to you, if your love of george is any indication.

  2. ahhh how sad. I remember you or jamie telling me you might have to put him to sleep. I'm so sorry but at least he's not in pain any more. I love the collage.

  3. It's me, Aaron. Sam was seriously the coolest dog I've ever met. This makes me sad, but we'll see him again in heaven. And at least we still have deer face Ricky to beat up on. Take care guys.

  4. hey, i'm so sorry to hear that! he was awesome. i hope u guys are able to adjust ok without having him around:(

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  6. I was really sad to hear this :( It made me cry...and Madeline looked at me strange (though not as comical as Kailey's reaction). He was a cool little pup pup. He's happier now and isn't sickly anymore. You'll get to see him again. :) The pic of him as a little pup with flopped ears is my favorite. :)