Monday, September 29, 2008

4th times a charm?

Check out the dilated pupil, this was after going in and having the eye checked out.

Two Sundays ago, I was in the mother's lounge with Eli. I was trying to burp him, and talk to Laura at the same time. Eli, in true form, climbed up to standing and started jumping in my lap. As I was deep in conversation one of his flailing arms flung a fingernail into my left eye. Corneal Abrasion #4! (Kailey has gotten me three time with her fingernails, guess I need to wear safety goggles while holding babies). I excused myself from the conversation, and headed to the bathroom to assess the damage. On the way I noticed that the damaged eye was blurry, but assumed that it was because the eye was watering profusely. When I got the bathroom and dried my eye, I realized, much to my dismay that the blurriness was not due to the water. So I went back into the chapel, slipped into our pew, stepped over Joel's mom, dad, and sister (they had evacuated because of Hurricane Ike), and got to Joel to explain the problem. He was the one that reminded me that we have an opthamologist in the ward; Laura's husband, Jeff. Joel and I made our way over to Jeff, and he came out to the hall to take a look. He affirmed that it was a corneal abrasion and called in a prescription for me. I still have blurred vision in that eye, after two different kinds of prescription drops. I'm trying to give it time now to finish healing.


  1. I hope your eye gets better soon!!!

  2. Stinking corneal abrasion. I hope it heals quickly. Eye troubles are no fun. Your one dilated pupil looks kinda crazy. Just kinda.

  3. That is CRAZY! I can't believe that's happened to you so many times. I'm so sorry. That has to be uncomfortable.

    I once had an eye condition where I had to put steroid drops in my eye and I couldn't even open my eye to any kind of light.

    It was terribly painful and my eye was basically swollen shut. So believe you me, I cringed when I read this! I hope you feel better soon! Take care of those eyes!