Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dress rehearsal

On Friday, Kailey had dress rehearsal for her recital. I am really excited about the recital. The theme is the Little Mermaid and she is a guppy.

Kailey and a fellow guppy, Brynn. I found out on the first night of dance class that a girl in Kailey's class was the daughter of a teacher that I taught with at Tara.

Kailey and a friend from church, Brooklyn.

This picture is terrible because of the distance and lighting, but Kailey's class in on the front row. This was part of the finale. The other pictures of her on the stage were worse than this one.


  1. She is super cute. I will never have the joy (?) of a dance recital, but Brennan did start playing coach pitch ball and that is fun, though he is not nearly as cute in his uniform as Kylee and Brooklyn are in their outfits. You need one of those telephoto lens for the close ups. I really want one for my SLR.

  2. So cute! Troy's little sister Rachel did dance growing up and he went to many a dress rehearsal to watch lil' sis dance. I wonder if Chloe will like to dance? Then Troy will have a whole new generation of rehearsals to go to! :-) That is too fun! Kailey is looking prettier every day and those costumes are too adorable for words.

  3. I can't wait until the recital. I can't believe how much Brynn looks like her mom.

  4. Super super cute :) She's the prettiest little guppy I've ever seen. :)