Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kailey's Imagination

Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen, and opened the door to the garage to put something out there. Kailey ran out the door into the garage, because she loves to go into the garage. There are so many things to get into that she knows that she is not allowed to touch, like gas cans, the weed eater, tools, etc. Once I got back inside, I asked Kailey to come back in, too. I knew that this was in vain, but I tried coaxing her back in, not wanting to have to chase her through the hot garage (doubtless, if I had stepped into the garage she would have taken off running, and it would've turned into chase). I noticed that this time instead of running off when I called her, she just stood there about three or four feet from the door, and looked a little torn. So I tried some of my usual tricks, like "why don't you come get Ricky (she loves Ricky our chihuahua)," but none of the usual tricks worked, and she still just stood there. Then I realized that she was staring at her baby that was laying on the kitchen floor. So I said "Come get your baby." When I did, she smiled and started motioning for her baby to come to her. When she wants a person to come to her she puts both of her hands palms up and opens and closes her hands. So she started doing this to her baby, as if the baby doll was going to get up and walk out there to her. I was trying so hard not to laugh, b/c I was still trying to convince her to come in with out having a game of chase ensue. I kept talking to her about the baby, and even pushed it back a little further into the kitchen with my foot, and she kept smiling and motioning for the baby to come to her. Eventually, still motioning for the baby, she lowered herself, so that she was doing this kind of duck walk toward the door, like she could sneak in, get the baby, and run back out without me noticing. The need for the baby got the best of her, and when she got with in reach I grabbed her and pulled her in. She was not happy, but once she got her baby she calmed down.

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  1. I read somewhere that the kids who have imaginary friends and big imaginations tend to be more outgoing and and creative later in life. That's so cute that she wanted her baby to come too!