Saturday, July 28, 2007

Milk is a four-letter word

As you may or may not know, Kailey HATES milk. At first, I couldn't understand how she went from bottle and breastfeeding to no milk at all. She never had any trouble with taking formula in a bottle or anything. However, when she turned a year, and we took the bottle and breastfeeding away, she wouldn't have anything to do with milk. We tried everything that we could imagine to get her to drink it. Finally we decided that we would just have to make sure and get some yogurt and cheese into her each day, and she was fine with that. She went through a phase from 1 year to 18 months where she would get so excited about cheese that she would dance when she saw you getting it out of the refrigerator. About a month ago, she even did the cheese dance at the Gomez's house (a family in our ward) despite shyness in an unfamiliar place, this is how serious she was about cheese.

A couple of weeks ago, her love for cheese started to diminish. Before, she would eat at least one piece of cheese a day, and if you would give it to her, she would eat 2 or 3. Now, at best, she will eat half a piece. This was starting to worry me a little, so the other night I bought some Kleinpeter chocolate milk (the best chocolate milk known to man) to try with her. Along with Kailey, I hate milk, but Kleinpeter chocolate milk is heavenly. So Joel let her drink a little out of his cup, and...drum roll please...she loved it! She even said yum yum. I make sure to call it chocolate, and not chocolate milk, because she knows the word milk and has a deep rooted prejudice and hatred against anything associated with the word milk. Yesterday I put some in her sippy cup (this was risky, because usually the only thing that she will drink from the sippy cup is juice, she will only take water in a regular cup). Miraculously she drank a whole sippy cup full of chocolate milk. I was so excited, I took a couple of pictures, which would be posted below, but I cant find the cable to hook to the camera!!! We also have a card reader that is MIA, probably hanging out with the cable somewhere.


  1. I am not a milk drinker either. Hopefully Peyton takes after Troy in the milk drinking department. If not, I may try your trick when the time comes. Who can resist chocolate milk?!

  2. Emma hated milk too, her doctor said buy pediasure and mix it with milk (cause it is sweet but has all the vitimans they need) then slowly gradually put less and less in and after a while Emma was drinking regular milk. You should try that.

  3. what a battle. brennan only rarely drinks "white milk", but is a big fan of the chocolate. the bottom picture is super cute, too!