Friday, June 27, 2008

some of my favorite pictures from my phone

I've got a few drafts started that I need to go back and complete, but for now I'm just gonna share a few of my favorite pictures from my phone.
A few days before we went to Orlando, Jamie and I traveled up to Winnsboro to visit Aunt Lisa and get me and Kailey a hair cut. This was Kailey's first haircut and she did great. We just had about an inch trimmed off of the bottom.
Clare and her baby Jezebel came and visited in May. I was so excited to meet Jezebel for the first time. She is such a cute sweet baby! Clare, you're cute and sweet too : )

One day Eli kept trying to flip out of his bouncy seat and his car seat. Earlier that day he had tried to flip out of his bouncy seat twice (I got that with the big camera). Then I turned my back for a second to open the car door and he tried to escape from his car seat. Needless to say, I strap him in to everything now.Eli loves to suck on two fingers.

Dathan, Mimi, and Kailey

Eli also loves to stick out his tongue.

This one speaks for itself.
We are dog sitting for Joel's parents this week. Kailey and Izzy were bonding earlier today on the couch. It has been kind of fun having a couple of extra dogs around.


  1. how in the world did kailey fall asleep in wal-mart?! the one with eli sticking out his tongue could go on the front of a hallmark card.

  2. Your kiddies are so cute!!! How is Claire doing?

  3. I WISH Allison would fall asleep in Walmart! The last few times I've been in Walmart/Target she has started doing this super LOUD tiger roar over and over again (to get my attention of course b/c I'm trying to shop). So I'm now the one walking around the store with the obnoxiously loud kid.

  4. i am so jealous of a snoozing kailey at the grocery store...seriously you are so lucky!

    oh, and jamie, i'd take a tiger roar over "mama, why do only boys have penises?" really loud over and over and over in the grocer store.

  5. I'm with everybody else on the walmart thing. how do you get them to do that?

  6. Those are some great pictures. Especially Eli's funny face. It really could be on a Hallmark card! Jezebel is SO CUTE!!

  7. So, I was looking at these pictures (yet again b/c they are so CUTE!) and I finally figured out what Eli looks like in his bouncy seat... He looks like a little turtle!! :) He is so cute! I love your kids!