Monday, October 13, 2008

I got tagged a while back, so here it is:

I am: neglecting housework right now (yes!!!)
I think: i have the best most beautiful babies in the world
I know: my family will be together forever
I want: a kitchenaid mixer, a red one to be exact
I have: braces
I dislike: mayonnaise
I miss: some parts of teaching, sleeping in
I fear: losing a loved one
I feel: most of the time,happy; sometimes impatient with Kailey; sometimes disappointed in myself because of my shortcomings
I hear: dancing with the stars, the babies playing, Kailey singing a made-up song to her mickey mouse
I smell: Rickey's breath, because she is sitting next to me grooming herself, throw-up!
I crave: sweets, I never had a sweet tooth until after I had Kailey, and last night nachos from Izzos.
I cry: easily when something is touching, and easily when I'm hormonal/pregnant
I usually: leave the dishes for the next morning rather than wash/load in the washer after dinner :( I have a goal to change this, I just haven't done it yet.
I search: craigslist for an upright freezer for the garage. Jamie and Joe have one, I'm pretty jealous
I wonder: what is going to happen with the economy, what my family will be like in 10, 15, 20 years
I regret: not taking more studio art classes at LSU, I loved Dr. Malveto's drawing class (Jeni, Aaron, Clare, Daniel: I see him at Wal-Mart sometimes with his mom)
I wish: that i could twitch my nose like Samantha and have my house magically cleaned (I would do lots of other fun stuff with the nose twitch, but that would be the first thing).
I love: every piece of Joel, Kailey, and Eli
I care: about being a good person
I always: take my vitamins in the same exact order every night before bed (I have a pack of 8 prenatals)
I worry: about few things, I am not a worrier at all. Even if there are things that I should be worried about, I kind of ignore it, good sometimes, really bad other times.
I am not: athletic
I remember: how exciting starting college was, and how much fun I had with all of my roommates; I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!
I believe: in Christ (incidentally that is one of my favorite hymns, I hum it to my babies sometimes)
I sing: to Eli when I change his diaper to keep him from flipping over, crawling away, a peeing on the carpet. I also sing to entertain Kailey and Eli; I like to sing despite my lack of skill and talent.
I don't always: put my babies to bed on time like i used to.
I argue: sometimes with Joel, but not a lot, and we play nice
I write: neatly most of the time
I win: at Scramboni sometimes (a game on my iPhone with scrambled words, i compete with people online. I knew that college education would come in handy one day).
I lose: my keys, my shoes, baby shoes...lots of stuff (i try to be organized, but don't do very well)
I listen: to music while i do house work, the Killers are on right now, because I should be doing housework
I don't understand: advanced physics, mechanics...
I can usually be found: with a baby on my hip, following around a spunky little girl with pigtails
I need: to Ferberize Eli
I forget: a lot, i'm pretty absentminded
I am happy: watching star trek with Joel after the babies go to bed. For the record: I have despised star trek for most of my life. It wasn't until a few months ago that I really gave it a chance and start watching Voyager with Joel. I actually grew to like this series. We borrowed the entire series (7 seasons) from Joe. We finished the last episode Saturday night and I've been kind of sad about it since.

I tag Keri, and anyone else that reads that hasn't done this one yet and would like to.


  1. This was a good one. I really liked this tag, it was fun to read. I'm neglecting house work right now to read your blog so you know I can relate to the Samantha comment.

  2. I love your header picture! Your kids are so cute.

  3. Why do you have 8 prenatal vitamins? Isn't that a lot?!

  4. jill, i guess i should've explained that one a little better, it's not 8 vitamin tablets, it is a pack that contains two tablets that are multivitamins, 3 omega three capsules, one folate or something like that, two calcium magnesium tablets.

  5. I see that according to your Title on your blog, you are still a "ho" (i guess that's according to everyone else too). I'm glad you're finally coming to terms with it and admitting it to the world. That's the first step to changing afterall. I miss you too girlie girl. We really need to get together soon. We had a great time with the Hamilton crew last weekend, but we missed you guys. Don't you wish we could have the good parts from the "good ol college days" and the good parts from now and mix them all perfectly together. That would be the life, right?