Saturday, October 4, 2008

My three babies

This is Rickey's favorite spot to lay (I try to remember to put the boppy up, mostly for this reason). When Eli was a new baby, it would especially make my blood boil. Now I don't get so angry, after all Eli often grabs a handful of Rickey and leans in to bite.
Serious sippy cup drinking

Eli turned eight months old a few days ago, he is drinking from the sippy cup like a pro, crawling everywhere, and standing up and walking along the furniture a little. Today he went from the couch to the coffee table.

Kailey is all of a sudden camera shy.


  1. Kailey, camera shy? No way. She's just being silly. :)

    That is some serious sippy cupping. He's at the perfect angle for the maximum juice intake. :)

    Why do animals love the boppy so much? They're just magnetized to it or something. I don't get it.

  2. Ricky's looking kind of plump. I know they say the camera adds on 10lbs, but has she been putting the weight back on?

  3. Thank you for posting the little things (well, the sippy cup and the walking's not really little...those are big milestones, but you know what I mean). Its nice to see Eli and Kailey growing up. I realized today that a year is really all we have of them being babies. Its not that long at all! Then they're off and running trying to be independent; falling back on mom and dad, but still not the baby-baby that they were before.

  4. by the way...that was courtney on "brent"s account. i'm in houston at jared's parent's house!

  5. Give that poor dog a bed! Geez. All he wants is a warm place to sleep:)