Friday, April 24, 2009


Babies posses a certain super power; they can make messes faster than any mother could ever clean. Most days my babies are gracious and keep the messes within reasonable bounds, but today they are letting loose a little.

This was taken a couple of days ago. Eli climbed onto the table, got the pitcher of Kool-aid, climbed down, took a few drinks, spilled it down his shirt, and then noticed that Rickey was licking up the trickled down Kool-aid. That's when he decided that he needed to pour her some.

While I was doing laundry today, this was going on: Kailey stripped all of her clothes off. Eli dug stuff out of the trash, pushed a chair over to the kitchen counter and poured out a cup that contained melted ice and a little bit of dr. pepper all over his clothes, poured out a bag of teddy grahams, got the salt shaker and poured out some salt, pushed the play kitchen around the room, and he is still going.

We are only half way into this day folks.

The first part was typed this morning. Now for the happy ending: Eli took a three hour nap, hallelujah!


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  2. Nice :) Jezebel is definitely a little tornado. Any room she's in for 2 or more minutes turns into a disaster area. It usually looks a lot worse than it is. Luckily we have the kitchen/stairs area no kitchen messes for her. :)

    I'm glad those little babes are keeping you on your toes. I know you spend every day just WISHING you had something to do or clean. :)

    By the way, I like the censoring job the kool-aid pitcher does for Kailey in the first pic. Good job. :)

  3. Wait a minute, no juice boxes allowed at your house but pitchers of kool aid are ok? ;-)

    Just kidding!

    At least Eli is considerate of others... thirsty? Grab a drink- you can lick it off of the floor!

    Too funny!

  4. Three hour naps are a "tender mercy from the Lord!

  5. I feel your pain. I had one of those days just the other day. In the 20 minutes it took Josh to get ready Ayden poured his entire bowl of cereal/milk all over himself and the chair and the floor, and I cleaned three messes made by Ian. I'm in "nesting mode" so they were really irritating me. I want everything SPOTLESS with a house full of boys. What do you do? I'll tell you. Josh put a lock on our pantry and now Ian can no longer grab any box he desires and dump the contents all over the house (as long as we remember to lock it). I'm not a fan of dogs, but one perk is that they help with clean up! I could have used Rickey that morning. If we didn't have nap time to recoop, we'd all go insane.

  6. i just love it how our kids make messes, like we needed something to do. but it'll be nice when they have kids that do the same and we can finally sit back and have a little laugh. although that is a long time away! naps are so wonderful!

  7. Is it worth the mess for the long nap? It is in my book.