Friday, April 17, 2009


This is Eli when he discovered the girls at the table coloring eggs. I think that he thought that there was kool-aid in the cups :)

"Look girl, I know its hard when your man is at Jetson, especially during holidays. Why don't you color some eggs to get your mind off of it. "

This caption was for Jessie. I read in one of her posts that she comes up with captions for her pictures (a throw back to her yearbook days). I do too, sometimes; I just never post them. I just couldn't resist with this one :)

This was Easter afternoon. I forgot to get out the camera that morning when they got their easter baskets, and their clothes and hair were still looking neat :(


  1. Thanks for the captions...makes me feel less crazy when others do it, too.
    Love the vest...was yours 70% off for the day? I love a good sale. Apparently the Carters store just rotates their 70% sign around the store :)

  2. You should've let him drink the vinegar:)

  3. That caption brought me to tears. Oh, good gracious. Brings me back to the old days. Sure do miss ol' Kenny Hathatway.
    Those are good looking babies you've got.
    I just love Eli in that little tie.

  4. Eli looks so handsome :)

    I love the pics....and the caption. I too find myself captioning most my head. :)

    I miss Hathaway too. He was the greatest teacher....ever. :)

    I'm glad you posted pics of Eli. Jamie neglected to include him. So, I thought he may have been banned from Easter. Whew, I was so relieved! :)