Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tomato sauce fiasco and boat ride pawpaw

I haven't put up any new posts lately, but Joel just put in a movie, a Beowulf looking movie, and I decided that now would be a good time to get caught up. Don't get me wrong, I love the story of Beowulf, but I think mostly because I had a wonderful senior English teacher. Anyway, the medieval action movies aren't usually my type. Mostly Joel and I like the same movies, but there are a few that we just don't agree on. Mrs. Ulmer (my geometry teacher) always said, "different strokes for different folks."

Only 12 more days until the next sonogram!! I am so excited to find out what we are having. I can't wait to start planning for the new baby. Not to mention, it is so fun and exciting to see the baby moving around inside. With my first sonogram with Kailey I felt so foolish lying there crying, but I was just soooo excited to see her that I couldn't hold back the tears.

Speaking of Kailey, she seems to have hit the terrible two's a little early. Maybe I should remind her that her second birthday isn't until December. She has gotten so mischievous and rebellious lately. So far time-out has been working pretty well, but I know it will only get me so far. It is hard to be creative all of the time, thinking of ways to make the best of difficult situations, and helping her learn to be a better, more well-behaved child. I had no idea how challenging parenting could be. I have to admit that having an energetic and little bit rebellious child can also be entertaining.

A week ago I decided to try out a new recipe, Shrimp tacos with fresh tomato salsa. With the tomato salsa, I made it according to the recipe, but decided at the last minute to do some improvisation with half of it. So I got out some tomato sauce and the blender. Well, as I was deep in the thralls of experimentation, I didn't notice two little hands grabbing the 3/4 full can of tomato sauce that I had left on the counter. I didn't realize that Kailey had grown tall enough to reach stuff on the counter. She pulled it down, and as she did, dumped it all down her head and white shirt. It also made it's way onto Rickey's head, who always sticks close to Kailey in hopes that she might drop a crumb (she got more than a crumb this time). Stating the obvious, it was a HUGE mess. So i set to cleaning, first undressing Kailey. Just as I got the last of her clothes off, including her diaper, the door bell rang. It was Jamie and Allison, coming to watch the LSU game with us. I ran to get the door, and as I was gone, Kailey peed on the floor, and slipped down in the pee and tomato sauce. I felt so bad, that I had left her there and she had fallen down. Jamie helped me get her to the back and get her bathed. Jamie also got out her camera and took a picture. Once I get one from her, I'll add it to this post. I think that this was the worst mess Kailey has ever made; poor Rickey ran into her box and hid for a while.

I have also got some pictures that I've been meaning to put up for a while. A few weekends ago, we went to Ferriday, and my dad took Kailey and Allison out in his boat for their first boat ride. They both loved it! I was a little worried that Kailey wouldn't like it, because she is so afraid of anything that makes loud noises. The boat motor was a little loud, but I think Kailey would follow her pawpaw anywhere.

Allison sitting in the steering wheel. It was fun until time to turn the wheel.


  1. love ms. ulmer and mr. hathaway. i agree that those two teachers were some of the most memorable at VHS! sounds like a saucy situation ms. kailey got into. sounds a bit like a few my children have been in. but, at least they are cute, so we can all laugh...

  2. I'm posting the picture right now! Feel free to steal it off my site.

  3. Hey its well past tomorrow where are those extra pictures!
    Kailey just cracks me up! I've had many times when Kaiden has been out of his diaper for only a minute and of course that's the time they have to pee! Its something we'll enjoy talking about when they're on a first date years from now!!