Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tigers vs. Hokies and more

Last weekend Joel, Kailey, and I went to Jelani's the watch the tigers vs. the Hokies. The Hamiltons also came. We had a great time. Jelani picked up buffalo wild wings. Kailey and Allison had a really good time turning the tv off as we watched; it was a fun game for them. It looks like the Tigers are off to a good start. I definitely thought that that game would be a lot closer than it was. I am just excited that it's football season. First of all, I love to have football on tv, even if I'm not watching, just to hear it in the background is great. I think I love to hear it in the background, because it reminds me of when I was younger, if there was a football game on, pappaw had it on the tv. Secondly, if football is on tv, that means cool weather is coming!!

Kacelia found some toys for the girls to play with.

Kailey trotting because she was excited about the food (notice french fry in the hand)

The game went way beyond bedtime, but the girls did well.

Jamie and I went to the mall tonight to get Allison a birthday dress (she turns 1 tomorrow!!!), and had a really good time. We found an incredible sale at Children's Place (cute t-shirts and pajamas for $0.99!!), I got Kailey a Halloween costume, and we went to Chic Fil A for dinner in hopes that we would run into one of our former students that we both taught at Tara, that works there. We were in luck, he was there, and we got to talk to him about how his senior year is going, his promotion to manager at the chic fil a, and his college plans. It is always so much fun to see former students and to hear that things are going well for them.

One week until the sonogram. I was talking to a friend Robin last night at a group FHE about the sonogram, and it was brought up that some times the babies aren't cooperative. I will be soooo sad if we are not able to see if its a boy or girl. I think that baby knew I was typing about him/her because he/she started moving all around just now :) Also, I have a friend that was told that she was having a girl, but the girl turned out to be a boy! I hope that none of that kind of stuff happens to us because I am so anxious to buy some cute clothes, start looking at bedding, and planning the room.


  1. I've found the best way to get a clear shot of the kid during a sonogram is to eat/drink something surgary about 1/2 hour before your appointment. (orange juice and cake were suggested to me) It totally worked for us - Dawson was so hyped up on sugar that he was bouncing all over the place and we had plenty of opportunities to see everything!

  2. Thanks for the tip, I had heard that one before, but had forgotten all about it. I'll be sure to take in some extra sugar that morning.

  3. I drank some pomegranate juice before my appointment and she was super wiggly. It was a little tricky to get good still images and measurements, but she was cooperative enough to show the goods. :)

    I'm hoping my little girl is really a little girl. I know the sonogram showed she's a girl, and the tech was sure...but there's still this little "what if?" in the back of my head. I'm trying to keep myself open just in case she happens to be a he. :) I'll be returning lots of girl clothes and I'll just have to say the name monogrammed on the diaper bag is the brand or something. :) At least the bedding and furniture are neutral. I'm almost tempted to ask for another quickie sonogram...just to check again. I dunno if that'll happen though. :)

  4. You can just do like I did and not find out! Come on Holly you can wait another 145 more days to find out right? :)

  5. Ultrasound tomorrow?

    I had my 30wk appointment today. At 36wks they're going to do a mini-ultrasound to check her position to see if she's breech..and also check to see if she's really a girl. :) That excites me. My 36wk appointment is on Halloween. :)

    Let me know how your appointment goes!