Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The moment that we've been waiting for.

Joel and I went for the much anticipated sonogram today. I don't know if Joel was as anxious as I was, but I was very ready to find out what we are having. I was worried too that we might not get a good look at the plumbing; that's what Dr. Breaux called it today:) But he was cooperative and it looks like we will be having a boy!!! It is always so exciting to see the baby moving around. He wasn't nearly as active as Kailey was during her sonograms. Kailey was stretched out kicking all around, but he just hung out in the fetal position. He did move his arms and legs around a little, but he wasn't nearly as active as Kailey. I even had some juice 30 min. or so before, but he was just hanging out.

Of course the sonogram is mostly to check the babies organs and growth, and we were excited to find that he is doing well. They checked out his brain, heart, kidneys, and did a few other measurements. Everything looked the way that it should, and the due date remains at February 4th .

Here you can see his arm and hand really well at the top. It is beside his head, but his head looks a little odd because of the position.

This one is a side profile with an arm or something at the top.

Another side profile view.

These are just a few of the pictures that we got. We didn't get as many unique shots this time, but I think mostly because he wasn't very active. I didn't put the "boy" shot up either. I figured that telling would be good enough.
I am really anxious to start looking for cute boy clothes and boy bedding. I love shopping as it is, and to have a good reason makes it so much more fun!!


  1. That's so awesome! There's no mistaking a boy for a girl either! Glad you got a good shot of the plumbing! You get to have one of each now. I'm so excited! Eli? :)

    Clare tackiness: ...*clears throat* so now that you're having a boy...ahem...hack..hmm...any old ratty girl stuff you feel like passing along to another baby girl..ahem..well..you know..


  2. Congrats! It is so nice to have one of each - I am so glad that we had a girl and then a boy. If Kaley is anything like Ainsly she will love having a baby brother to help take care of (Ainsly is constantly reminding me that "it's MY Dawson")

  3. Welcome to the girl/boy club! Congrats!

  4. Congratulations! How exciting to see your little one in utero. If it's a possibility, I suggest getting a 4-D ultrasound...it is SO COOL!!!! We could actually tell that Jackson looked like Brennan did as a new born.

  5. A boy!! Congratulations.