Sunday, November 4, 2007


Today, I was checking out some friends' blogs, and learned that November is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) (I stole the link from Jessie's site) and that during this month you are supposed to post something to your blog every day. Well, I'm definitely not going to reach that goal, as it is already the 4th of the month and today is the first day that I've added in Nov.

I like the challenge that Jessie gave to her readers to be more creative and include more things than just family stuff and cute pictures. So in honor of her request and NaBloPoMo, I'm gonna try to post something every day that made me laugh.

These are some things that made me laugh today:
1. On the way to church this morning, I was listening to A Prairie Home Companion (I hesitantly admit this) and there was a segment with two guys that were cowboys in Iowa, and they had accidentally stolen some cattle (it was a comedy piece, and the two main characters are idiots). They were bothered with guilt and decided that they should turn themselves into the police. As they discussed it, one said to the other that this would mean prison time, the other responded, "it can't be that bad" and the first one replied, "it's like being stuck in the worst junior high ever, for fifty years." Having taught middle school in what was possibly one of the worst ever, I got a really good laugh. I guess I know what it is like to spend 9 months in prison.

This was my first classroom (check out the ceiling; the school was torn down at the end of the school year b/c it was in such bad shape).

2. Today during nursery (I'm nursery leader in my ward), Alina told me that she needed to go to the bathroom, and Kailey had to go too. Kailey doesn't let Alina go any where with out her, and they hold hands the whole way. I've been working with Kailey more than usual this week with potty training, so when we got there she said that she needed to use the potty too. Well Alina went first, and then it was Kailey's turn. When she got on the potty, she let out just a little bit and started to giggle, Alina started to giggle too, and then when they stopped giggling, she would let out a little more, and they would both giggle again. It was so funny, I was laughing so hard I was crying. I didn't think Kailey would ever finish, because she just kept letting out a little at a time and laughing.

3. There is a video on Stacy's blog that made me laugh, too. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out, it is hilarious (you have to click on the words that say, "I CAN'T DO IT."


  1. that is too funny about only a little at a time!
    as for my challenge, thanks for taking me up on it!
    and PHC...if i ever happen upon it in radioland, i listen until it's over.

  2. That prison/jr. high analogy is a good one. Prison might actually be a little better because I hear they have cable TV there and you can use the bathroom anytime you'd like b/c you've got a toilet right there in your room with you.

  3. Jamie, you might be right, I hear they get better food, too.

  4. We love PHC! They have great stories during Thanksgiving/Christmas! I'm happy I was a part of your laughter on Sunday. Did you develop the black lung after working in that classroom?