Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pennies in the TV

Today Jamie, Kailey, Allison, and I took a road trip to Ferriday. We needed to get in a visit while daddy was home from work. The girls were super excited to go and visit mimi and pawpaw (my mom and dad), and as an added bonus, mamaw and papaw (my moms parents) were there too. We all had a good time and were sad that the trip had to be so short.

While we were there, mama shared a really funny story with us. Turns out, not long ago, on an offshore job, daddy had to share a room with another guy. This guy liked to go to sleep with the tv on (daddy doesn't like to have the tv on at night, he prefers reading), so this did not bode well. What made it especially bad, the roommate wouldn't turn off the tv. He would just fall asleep with it on, and it would wake daddy up in the middle of the night. So daddy asked him a few times to be sure and turn it off when he was finished watching, but this did not help. So daddy, remembering how two very young girls had destroyed one of his tvs, over twenty years ago, got some pennies, and dropped them into the slots on the top back of the tv. Sure enough, broken. So when the guy tried to turn it on, he asked daddy if he knew what happened, daddy just said, nope. Jamie and I agreed that if you were going to destroy a tv without evidence, it sounded like a good plan to us.
While we were at mama and daddy's, we went out on the peir, despite the cold wind (the girls really wanted to play outside), and the girls had a good time helping their pawpaw sweep and getting into stuff.

Kailey found an old broken styrofoam ice chest, and was pulling it around laughing.


  1. The pic of Kakey and Deuce makes me smile :)

    I hope pennies never find their way to the back of your TV. :)

    I'm glad Napoleon could bring you joy and relief during your bout of depression...and now you know if it happens with Eli...turn to Napoleon and Pedro, they'll pull you through.

    I was thinking the other day that one of the things I miss most about going to school was drawing...especially our collaborative drawings. There was always time to draw during class...now it's hard to find the time, or to actually set aside time to draw.

    ...that's all..for now. I thought I had more to say...


  2. The first picture is awesome of both of them. You should get it framed!

  3. I mean, the 2nd one. I like the 1st one too!

  4. why do we even buy toys for kids. they don't entertain them like...say...a styrofoam ice chest.