Monday, December 3, 2007

Burninating the taco shells and a couple of funny pictures

Tonight Joel and I had tacos (contrary to the menu on the right; the pork wasn't thawed so it had to swap places with the tacos). In preparation of the tacos, I put the shells in the oven as usual. I was feeling a little impatient because my back was hurting, so I decided to crank the oven up a little bit to broil and see if I couldn't get the shells browned up real quick. After I turned them up, I got a little distracted by other things, like Kailey throwing my freshly folded clothes off of the chair. When I made it back to the stove, I noticed some smoke coming from the back right burner. At first I thought that I had turned that burner on by mistake and something landed on it, but the burner was off. I knew that the oven vents through that burner, so I checked the oven. There they were, six little taco shells with 3-5 inch flames. When I tell you these shells were on fire, they were seriously on fire; big blue, purple, red, and yellow flames. I was going to grab the fire extinguisher, but I remembered that we never got one of those when we bought the house. I grabbed the flour and started throwing it on them. After a few seconds I had it under control. The whole time Kailey was laughing and saying oooohhhh. Evidently she thought that the fire was fun and pretty; I certainly did not feel the same. I had to open up doors and windows to get all of the smoke out of the house; it actually felt really good, because it finally cooled down a little outside. Here is a picture of the taco shells and flour sitting on the old dead dryer in our garage (our dryer died last week).

This beautiful picture goes with the title of the blog "burninating the taco shells"
If you are unfamiliar with Trogdor, and would like to learn about him, click here.

Yesterday my post had a section about video games. I completely forgot to include a story from last night involving games. Joel and I went over to Jamie and Joe's for dinner, and afterwards we played some 4 player wii tennis. Well, unbeknownst to me, I get a little over zealous with interactive wii controls. As we were playing tennis, i noticed, or it was pointed out, that I was really getting into the game. I tried to scale it back a little, but as the game got more intense, I didn't notice or try any more. I was sitting in about the middle of the couch and Joe's guitar was propped up at the end of the couch. At one particularly crucial moment, I lunged from my spot on the couch toward the end of the couch hitting Joe's guitar with my remote. I was a little embarrassed, but around the aforementioned company it was more funny than embarrassing. From now on, I am going to be extra careful when I'm playing wii, especially if it is not with close family.

These are a couple of pictures that were on the camera when I got the taco picture off.
Here's what happens when Kailey is left unattended with applesauce.

Allison got a little tired at lunch last Thursday and decided to take a little break (that's what Jamie and used to call it when we would lay on the floor and take a 5-10 min. naps when we were up late at night/early morning working on school assignments that we had put off; we were not very good students, but managed to come out with decent g.p.a's in the end).


  1. Holy Crap! I think that is seriously the funniest story I've heard in a long made me laugh out loud. Aaron looked at me like I was crazy. When I told him what happened, he was quiet until I got to the "they were on fire" part and he lost it! Wow, that's great. And YES, I love Trogdor! I like "Lil' Brudda" too. Homestar is great.

  2. That's too funny. HOw did Joel take it. I've only heard stories about how he is w/ his food! I hope he was able to cope. :)

  3. Trogdor is hilarious and so is your fire story. Thank goodness you caught it when you did! More important you have this super cool blog story to share with all. Thanks for the good laugh!

  4. i love that you guys have got an xbox 360. now maybe trent and joel can play together from home and i don't have to play halo 3 with him anymore. don't get me wrong it is a good game and i think all wives should play atleast one level, but i am tired of it. i'm off to bigger better things like rock band and mario galaxy.

  5. Robin, I had 6 more shells (box of 12), so I was able to get the oven cleaned out, and get the other ones cooked (in the right amount of time, and the right temp.) before he even got home. So everything was fine.

  6. You're cute. :)

    I'm glad you were able to extinguish the burninating tarcos. :)

    I'm glad you were able to resolve the shell issue before Joel made it home as well. :)

  7. Just let me tell you , I went over to Mark and Kim's house one night and he and I hooked up the Wii to his projector and tried playing some Tiger Woods, weel I did't have my wrist strap on properly (actually not at all) well the remote went flying and slammed into the wall. We laughed like we had lost our minds.

  8. i am sorry, but flaming tacos are awesome!
    maybe you should open up a restaurant...i mean, who wouldn't want to eat at "Flaming Tacos"?
    i'm glad you caught it in time and had the sense to use flour to put it out.
    oh, and you should see the secret video bart made of my doing boxing on the wii.

  9. OKay... I've watched Trogdor seriously like 4 times now and I laugh every time! My favorite part is him showing Trogdor with the peasants and his little head bounces up and down- hilarious!

  10. Wheeeew! That was hillarious!!!! I got a mental picture of the blazing taco's and it was all over.

    I can just imagine the rush of adrenaline as you realized that there were six mini fires in your kitchen. It sounds like you did a good job of taking control of the situation though.

  11. O my goodness. Thanks for sharing I needed a good laugh. I've got to share this with Markus if you don't mind. I'm sure we have all had something like this happen to us in the kitchen. Well maybe not the flame part. :)