Sunday, December 2, 2007

A game addiction and whispering

I haven't posted anything in a couple of days, because I rented a game, Beautiful Katamari, for Joel's Xbox. I'm not the gaming type. Joel is into Halo3 right now, but I don't even attempt it. This game is so much fun. It's kind of an odd game, but I like it a lot.

I have a Kailey story, too. We don't give Rickey any table food at all, and we don't let Kailey give it to her either. This just about kills Kailey, she wants so badly to share her food with Rickey. When we are eating, she will look at me with sad eyes and says "puppy ungee (hungry)." Also, I have been trying to teach Kailey to whisper. She can be loud sometimes at church, the library, etc., so we have been working on whispering and using an inside voice. She just doesn't seem to be getting it. Until this week she had never even tried to whisper. I thought that she just didn't understand what I was trying to get her to do. Well, turns out she did, and just chose not to. I was at the computer the other day, and Kailey was in the room with me eating a snack. Rickey of course was right at her feet hoping that Kailey would drop a crumb. After a few minutes I heard Kailey whispering Rickey's name, I turn to look and she had dropped small peices of food, was whispering Rickey's name, and bending and pointing to the food. I just laughed to myself and pretended like I didn't see. I figured it wouldn't hurt if Rickey eats a few crumbs. Then after she had given her a few crumbs I reminded her that we don't feed the puppy our food.

This picture is about a year old, but it was the only one that I could find effectively displays how Rickey spends about a fourth of her day. She follows Kailey around with her nose to the ground sniffing for food. (She's not sniffiing for food here, but that's what she looks like a good part of the day)


  1. our dog, dixie, hangs out by jackson's chair during meals. jackson is just messy, anyways, so she gets some then, but jackson also will sneak her food. i have caught him, but it hasn't stopped him.
    as for katamari...bart used to have it when it was on PS2, and he was addicted. i played a few times, but bart and his brother would play for HOURS. so, i have seen first hand the devastating effects of katamari. :-) have fun with it.

  2. I played Katamari at Holly's once and ever since, I've been try to come up with excuses to go over and play again. Usually, I claim that Allison needs to go play with Kailey, or I left something over there, etc. It really is addicting!

  3. Okay so I need to learn more about this game. I'm sure Joe can live w/o Halo 3 for me to play Katamari if its that good! Maybe I forgot something at your house too, Holly!

  4. Kailey's so sneaky :) ...but she's so darn cute being sneaky. That's super cute about the selective whispering. :) I could picture her doing that.

    I know Madeline is absolutely going to love being a crumb catcher. She and Ricky spend their day about the least 1/4 of the time with their noses to the floor...just hoping.

    I too know the addictive nature of the beautiful katamari. :)

    Jamie....that's real cute that you're coming up with excuses to go over to Holly's to get your katamari fix. :)