Saturday, January 26, 2008

Doctor visit and a few pictures

I went to the doctor Friday for my weekly check-up, and all is well. Dr. Breaux did offer to induce this Monday or Tuesday, but I told him that I would rather give Eli another week to come on his on. Dr. Breaux said that if he hasn't come on his own by the following Monday that he would like to go ahead and induce. Hopefully Eli will come on his own before then. I think it is more fun to let it be a surprise. It is kind of exciting not knowing when the baby will come. There have already been a couple of times that I have had contractions, two in a row that were pretty close together, but no baby :(

This morning Kailey got her toothpaste, and "painted" her hand then left a lovely hand print on the wall for us. She said to me, "Mommy, I paint."

Kailey thought that my yellow cleaning gloves would make good socks.


  1. That is too cute. :) You have a happy little artist. Improvising even! She's a smart girl. And I love her fashion sense. I think they make GREAT shoes. :)

    I hope you don't have to get induced. I didn't want to be induced either, but I took an induction date. Luckily, I kept telling Bella all kinds of stories about how horrible it would be if I had to get induced and how it would evict her. So, she arrived 4 minutes before I was supposed to get induced. :) My eviction notice worked.

    Good luck coaxing him out before the induction!

  2. we're so excitd for you. don't hesitate to ask if you want us to watch kailey you can nap

  3. My Dr. told me the same thing with Peyton- that if he didn't come out within the week they would induce. The same night that I had my check up, I went into labor. I guess babies are a little more intuitve than they let on sometimes! I'm sure Eli will make his grand appearance soon, especially since this is your second baby. Can I just say Kailey is ADORABLE! I love her hair color- it has so many beautiful natural highlights. Just gorgeous!

  4. Dr. Breaux delivered Emma. Good lUck!

  5. I'm so excited! (But glad it's not me:)

  6. She is too cute. I'm sure you had to laugh first. Good Luck this week with the baby. I'm sure he'll surprise you.