Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My bags are packed

Yesterday I finally got my hospital bags packed. I had made a list and had been planning to do it for days, but I had a little scare that motivated me. Monday night, as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep, I had two braxton hicks contractions that felt real and that were spaced apart like the real thing (it really did feel just like my early labor with Kailey). So I lay there waiting on the third, a little nervous, since I didn't really have everything ready yet, but it never came.

So yesterday, while Joel was at kung fu, I went on over to babies r us, and picked up the rest of the stuff that we need for the baby. Then when I got home I packed my bags. Now we are ready and Eli can come on when he is ready. I even got all of his bedding washed and ironed today.


  1. YOu must really be prepared if your ironing the baby's sheets. I've never done that! But I can't wait for baby Eli to come...he's going to be so cute!
    And I have to admit I kinda laughed when you said Joel was at Kung Fu. I'm still giggling!

  2. Yeah, the kung foo made me chuckle, too. I pictured the Seinfeld episode where Kramer took a karate class and he was the only adult amongst a bunch of kids. He was bragging because he was the best in his class:)