Thursday, January 31, 2008


Still no Eli :( Jamie and I went to the mall this morning and did some walking around, it didn't seem to help out. We are still waiting. I was really excited to watch the Lost season premiere tonight, and I was hoping that because I was so excited to watch the show that Eli would decide to come , and ruin my show watching plans. Lost has come and gone, and it wasn't ruined by labor pains. Maybe my desire to have the baby was stronger than the one to watch Lost so Murphy's Law couldn't help me out here.

I go to the doctor tomorrow, so stay posted for more details.


  1. Come on baby Eli we're all waiting for you to come meet us! I hope it happens tomorrow or the next day or the next...soon your mommy is going crazy!

  2. Maybe baby Eli is too confortable in there. It's time to give that evict notice.

  3. I'm on pins and needles.

    No wonder he doesn't want to come's COLD out here.

  4. We tried everything to get our little Bellabear out. Walking...bumpy ride...ride to the mountains to change altitude...going to watch a movie in hopes she wouldn't let a couple of other things. She just didn't want to come out. I told her it was cold here, but I promised to keep her warm. I told her she could stretch out as much as she wanted if she came out. Still, no baby. So...I told her about her eviction notice...and hyped it up to be a terrible thing. She arrived 4 minutes before her scheduled eviction. I hope Eli is as cooperative about the eviction as Jezebel was. :)

    Let me know how your Dr. appointment went today. I hope he lets you push the induction to next Eli will have a chance to come out on his on.