Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rickey's going under the knife

Today is Rickey's big day, I dropped her off at the vet a little while ago. We are having her spayed and having her cherry eye tacked (that is the red thing poking out of her left eye).

Kailey and I went this morning in the horrible weather to drop her off. I didn't expect it but, Kailey had a hard time leaving Rickey. I thought that she was going to be in tears before we left the office. She got pretty upset when the tech. took Rickey back and we didn't go with her. On the way home she kept saying, "Mom, Rickey!" (like, I can't believe you left her). I explained that we were leaving Rickey so that the doctor could help her out, and that he was going to fix her eye so that she will look prettier. That seemed to help some, she stopped yelling, "mom, Rickey!" When we got home, Kailey went straight to Rickey's box looking for her. It made me a little sad in my heart.

Joel sometimes jokes about getting rid of Rickey; I told him to get that out of his mind, because Kailey would have a cow. Rickey has a kind of hard to love personality. She is a scaredy cat so she is submissive and obedient if she is scared, but if she thinks no one is looking she will try to get away with everything. I guess since she is in a delicate state right now I should say something nice about her. She does have very soft fur, and she keeps me warm on the couch when I'm watching tv (she is a little heater, and sometimes it gets to be too much). I do love her, mostly, and look forward to going and getting her tomorrow.


  1. thats so sweet. i know we don't have a pet but i do feel that all children should have one. trent doesn't feel that way so thank goodness my mom loves animals as much as i do and has "given" one of her dogs to brooklyn, but it stays at her house.

  2. I have a confession...the eye thing was creeping me out a little. I'm already scared of dogs, but I was starting to feel kind of sick when I noticed it. When I have something in my eye, I freak out. I can't even put eye drops in mine. It's just another weird thing about me! So, THANK YOU for getting that fixed! But... you will still need to put her away when I come over!

  3. Okay let's just get one thing out of the way, Jennie K is a dork! She's scared of Rickey?!?! Shannon was sad when we stopped VT b/c she said it was so fun to see your dog running on the side of the couch.
    That is so cute about Kailey. What a sweet girl for worrying about her doggie.