Monday, April 14, 2008

Adventures in housekeeping

I've been neglecting the house work lately, so I had some catching up to do today. A minute ago, I pulled some old potato salad out of the fridge, I pulled the trash bag out of the can and brought it over to the sink, for some irrational reason, I thought that if the bag were by the sink (where I had the bowl of potato salad) and on the floor, that I could get it in the garbage bag more easily with less chance of spilling. Well, I neglected to consider the fact that a bag not in the can lacks structure, and the opening is just lying on top of the trash inside. Suffice it to say I didn't think this through and was hasty and irrational. So I raked the potato salad out, and much to my dismay, it bounced right out of the bag and slid down the side of the bag in one congealed blob, onto the floor. Kailey immediately started trying to eat it!!! I can't get her to touch the stuff when it is on her plate, but some how when it's old and bounces out of the trash it is magically and instantly delicious. Even after I yelled no and told her that it would make her tummy hurt, she continued to try to eat it. I couldn't get it up fast enough, making it more difficult, the congealed blob crumbled, making more small pieces available to Kailey. So I quickly grabbed her, put her in the livingroom, and shut the baby gate at the kitchen door. Thank goodness for that baby gate, but Kailey started screaming (Eli is sleeping, making the screaming extra bad) because she wanted to be in the kitchen with me. I quickly cleaned up and let her back in before she had a chance to wake up Eli. I had tied up the bag and it was still lying on the floor because I hadn't had time to move it yet. Well, Kailey went straight over and laid down on the bag, which had potato salad on the side where the blob had slid down after bouncing out!!! I just looked at her and thought, "are you kidding???!!!???" I didn't even say anything, I just got her and up and let her go back to playing with the salt canister (daddy), almond extract (baby), and tony's seasoning (mama)


  1. LOL! LOL! That is fantastically funny and stomach turning all in the same breath! I can't believe she wanted to eat it! This will be a blackmail story to save for the future. Oh my goodness! *Still laughing*...

  2. "I can't get her to touch the stuff when it is on her plate, but some how when it's old and bounces out of the trash it is magically and instantly delicious."

    man that was funny! i could picture it all very vividly. silly kailey.

    sorry to hear the bag didn't hold up as well as imagined. at least it gave kailey some excitement for the day. :)

    i love her little mama, daddy, and baby toys. cute and imaginative. :)

    (((hugs))) to your family

  3. holy cow...that is awesome! i hope you see the humor i do in that story! it's one of the boyfriends of the future, and how they can just take her to a dumpster, not a restaurant.

  4. Who ever said Motherhood was a test of their patience was right! That is too funny!

  5. Whooooo! I laughed until tears came! I'm with Clare, I can see it in my mind just as if I were there.
    Isn't that the way, can't get them to touch it when you want them to eat it but if it's "special" you can't keep them away. One night at bedtime, Allison ate four pieces of ham (lunch meat). She just kept asking for more. We had ham sandwiches for lunch and you would've thought that the ham was poison.