Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I am grateful to have such a great mom, who is always there when I need her! She is always available for babysitting and talking on the phone.

One of my favorite childhood memories is doing aerobics tapes with my mom, she would put down towels "matts" for me and Jamie and we would workout to Men at Work.

I love you mama, happy late birthday!!


  1. Thanks for the happy memories. I'll bet your blogisphere (?) friends were having flashbacks of tight rolled jeans, leg warmers and poofy bangs. The only decade that will never have a fashion comeback. Love ya'll. See ya soon.

  2. I think you have a great mama too! Happy belated birthday! I can't wait to see her when we come down in May. That's only a few weeks away!! :)

    Oh...and unfortunately, that decade is having a comeback. :( Girls are wearing hyper colors...big hoop earrings...I've seen girls with mullets...and legwarmers...and jelly shoes. I haven't seen the tight rolling, but that's what the uber skinny jeans are for I guess. I've seen boys with rat tails. Yes, I have. I haven't seen shoulder pads yet...and the hair isn't quite as poofy, but the 80s are trying to come back. I've seen the pink and gray diagonal striped leotard look too. *shudders*

  3. Happy Birthday Mama!

    oh, clare! Boys with rat tails?! NOOOOO!!!!!

    Holly, thanks for the comment on my last post. I love the quote.