Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kailey and Eli pictures

Since I didn't have any pictures in yesterdays post I feel like I need to put up a few. So here are a few cute pictures.Kailey is such a good helper. She always tries to get to him quick when he starts crying and if he is in his bouncy seat, she bounces him and says, "calm down baby." She also gives him her pink kitty and a pacifier. I should've been helping the poor boy out, but Kailey was just so cute I couldn't help getting the camera first.

The ice cream truck has started coming around again since the weather has warmed up. Good news for Kailey, bad news for us. This was her first ice cream truck experience.

Joel and I did a lot of yard work on Saturday, and here is how Kailey and Eli spent their Saturday. This was the spring debut of the wading pool, and Kailey was super excited as you can tell.


  1. That is some serious business for Kailey to give Eli her pink kitty! She must really love that boy!
    Good idea on getting all of your yard work done on Saturday. Now if you only had something to occupy her while you dumped potato salad on the floor!

  2. You tell Kailey i'm so proud of her for sharing her pink kitty and paci because i know that's a big deal! i'm glad that they are sweet on one another. your yard looks great! oh, and i think I figured out how to link other people on my page. it only took forever!

  3. Kids are awesome. I'm about to break out the kiddie pool for Calyn:)