Saturday, April 26, 2008

Eli is 3 months old

Eli turned three months old yesterday. (I've been a day behind on my last two posts, I need to get it together) His favorite things to do are chew on his hand and sit in his bouncy seat and look at the bee. He also does a lot of sleeping still, but he fights the sleep bad, just like his sister did at that age. I've started testing him out a little with the Ferber method, and he seems to be doing ok. I think that next month I will get him Ferberized. That's how old Kailey was when we Ferberized her, and it was a glorious, miraculous day when she got the hang of it!


  1. 3 months? Already? Wow! I've never heard of the Ferber method. Sounds interesting. Remind me of it when I have a kid.

  2. those are some super cute kiddos you have there. :)

    ferberizing good.

    she's the kind of baby that gets way more upset after crying, and gets screaming mad when she's checked on and consoled and then left again. oh we tried. and tried. ...and gave up. i may try again after the louisiana trip. she'll be 6 months old...and may be able to handle it a little better. maybe.

    good luck with eli! i do hope it works.

    can't wait to see you in a few weeks. i think i'm coming from the 12-26.


  3. Wow he is so much bigger than Kailey was at that age.

  4. I was thinking about him turning 3 months last night before I went to sleep. He's getting big! Wow! I agree with Kathy.

  5. I can't believe how big Eli is, wow where is the time going. He is so cute