Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I've been meaning to post this for a long time, and kept forgetting about it. I don't know if any of you remember this, but this was from a November post, right about thanksgiving time.

"Now for the crazy dream. If you haven't noticed on the baby countdown over there, we've only got 2 1/2 months left. I guess that that has kind of been on my mind lately, because this morning I had a dream, that it was time to have the baby. I was also talking to Jeni in the nursery on Sunday, about braxton hicks contractions, and real contractions. So in the dream, Joel and I went to the hospital, and the contractions were really mild. I told the nurse that I didn't need the epidural yet, and then all of a sudden, the contractions got really bad. I called the nurse over, and asked for the epidural, but she said that it was too late, that they baby was ready to come out, and there wouldn't be time to set up the epidural. I was so angry, upset, and afraid. Then the dream ended. Between you and me, I'm a real weiney when it comes to pain. I surely did appreciate the epidural when I had Kailey, and fully intend to have one again with this baby. I know that there are women who choose to not have the epidural, but I'm all for it. When I had Kailey, it was a nice, calm, relaxed experience. I'll admit, I am a little curious about how I would handle it, and what it would be like with no epidural, but that curiousity does not supercede my hatrid and fear of pain, so I will be having the epidural, if I can help it."

I thought it was funny that I had this dream, and then it happened very similar to that. Premonition? I don't know, weird non the less.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Earlier this week, Kailey came down with a cold. Evidently she heard me talking to Jamie on the phone, telling her that Kailey had a fever and a stuffy nose; because, later that morning, Kailey looked at me with the saddest face and said, "Mom, I gotta fever in my nose."

Joel bought Kailey a cd called Power Tunes (his mom had the tape for him and his brothers and sisters when they were little), and she absolutely loves it, especially the song called "Attitude." The other day we left it at Jamie and Joe's, she was sad to say the least. So when I told her that we were going to go get it, she said, "Mom, I'm so happy, Attitude is my best song!!" It's funny to me how she expresses what she feels even when she doesn't know the right words to use.

A couple of weeks ago, Jared (Joel's brother) and Keri were in town, so we went to meet them and some other Bonnette's at Ninfas for dinner. On our way, Kailey was asking for goldfish, I told her that she couldn't have any because she needed to have an appetite for dinner. A few minutes later, she said, "Mom, I need my apple tight." It took me a second, and I realized what she was asking for, so I had to explain that appetite wasn't something that you eat, nor did it have anything to do with apples.

Kailey recently started this thing where she tells me that she is a baby robot and I am a mama robot. The first time that she did it, she brought it up early in the day, and had stopped by that afternoon. Then that night when I tucked her in bed, she said, "Night, night, mama robot." I did my best not to laugh and said, "nigh, night, baby robot." Tonight in the bathtub she was a robot fish.
Need a drink of meat?

When Kailey eats she always tries to get the food that she doesn't want to eat off of her plate. She usually tries to put it on my plate or on the floor. I guess she is trying to get creative in ridding her plate of the unwanted food, because here is how Joel found her cup. We had gotten up from the table to work on the strawberry pie that we had started before dinner, and while she was at the table alone, she took advantage of the opportunity.

Eli is 3 months old

Eli turned three months old yesterday. (I've been a day behind on my last two posts, I need to get it together) His favorite things to do are chew on his hand and sit in his bouncy seat and look at the bee. He also does a lot of sleeping still, but he fights the sleep bad, just like his sister did at that age. I've started testing him out a little with the Ferber method, and he seems to be doing ok. I think that next month I will get him Ferberized. That's how old Kailey was when we Ferberized her, and it was a glorious, miraculous day when she got the hang of it!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I am grateful to have such a great mom, who is always there when I need her! She is always available for babysitting and talking on the phone.

One of my favorite childhood memories is doing aerobics tapes with my mom, she would put down towels "matts" for me and Jamie and we would workout to Men at Work.

I love you mama, happy late birthday!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kailey and Eli pictures

Since I didn't have any pictures in yesterdays post I feel like I need to put up a few. So here are a few cute pictures.Kailey is such a good helper. She always tries to get to him quick when he starts crying and if he is in his bouncy seat, she bounces him and says, "calm down baby." She also gives him her pink kitty and a pacifier. I should've been helping the poor boy out, but Kailey was just so cute I couldn't help getting the camera first.

The ice cream truck has started coming around again since the weather has warmed up. Good news for Kailey, bad news for us. This was her first ice cream truck experience.

Joel and I did a lot of yard work on Saturday, and here is how Kailey and Eli spent their Saturday. This was the spring debut of the wading pool, and Kailey was super excited as you can tell.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Adventures in housekeeping

I've been neglecting the house work lately, so I had some catching up to do today. A minute ago, I pulled some old potato salad out of the fridge, I pulled the trash bag out of the can and brought it over to the sink, for some irrational reason, I thought that if the bag were by the sink (where I had the bowl of potato salad) and on the floor, that I could get it in the garbage bag more easily with less chance of spilling. Well, I neglected to consider the fact that a bag not in the can lacks structure, and the opening is just lying on top of the trash inside. Suffice it to say I didn't think this through and was hasty and irrational. So I raked the potato salad out, and much to my dismay, it bounced right out of the bag and slid down the side of the bag in one congealed blob, onto the floor. Kailey immediately started trying to eat it!!! I can't get her to touch the stuff when it is on her plate, but some how when it's old and bounces out of the trash it is magically and instantly delicious. Even after I yelled no and told her that it would make her tummy hurt, she continued to try to eat it. I couldn't get it up fast enough, making it more difficult, the congealed blob crumbled, making more small pieces available to Kailey. So I quickly grabbed her, put her in the livingroom, and shut the baby gate at the kitchen door. Thank goodness for that baby gate, but Kailey started screaming (Eli is sleeping, making the screaming extra bad) because she wanted to be in the kitchen with me. I quickly cleaned up and let her back in before she had a chance to wake up Eli. I had tied up the bag and it was still lying on the floor because I hadn't had time to move it yet. Well, Kailey went straight over and laid down on the bag, which had potato salad on the side where the blob had slid down after bouncing out!!! I just looked at her and thought, "are you kidding???!!!???" I didn't even say anything, I just got her and up and let her go back to playing with the salt canister (daddy), almond extract (baby), and tony's seasoning (mama)

Monday, April 7, 2008

"It's Jesus!" and an Eli smile

On Sunday, on our way to conference, Kailey fell asleep in the car. She slept through the first 15 minutes or so, and when she woke up, Pres. Uchtdorf was conducting, and she sat up, and said, "It's Jesus!"