Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Eli

I have been talking to Kailey about the new baby. I have been pointing to my belly telling her that soon she will have a baby brother that will come to live with us, and that we are going to name him Eli (at least that's the plan for now). So she started calling every baby that she sees in books, magazines, tv, etc. "baby Eli."
A week or so ago, we bought some pumpkins, which she was very excited about it (I put one of the big pumpkins in the baby seat section of the cart with her and she hugged it for a long time). I bought some small pumpkins too for a wreath that I was planning to make, and when we got home, I explained that we had big pumkins, and baby pumkins (not meaning to confuse her, i just meant baby, as in small). When I gave Kailey one of the small pumkins to play with, she called it baby Eli.

Then last week she started calling me mommy Eli. We went to the park last Friday with Jamie and Courtney, and she was yelling mommy Eli across the park to get my attention as she got ready to go down the slide.

On Saturday, she finally figured out how to say pumpkin (she has been carrying around her baby Eli pumpkin since I gave it to her). Pumpkin sounds more like punky, but she's getting better at it.

This probably sounds like a lot of random thoughts, but I am going somewhere with it. This morning when we got in the van to go to Jazzercise, she found baby Eli pumpkin, actually two baby Eli pumpkins, and she was really excited. She started saying "pumpkin Eli," and did not stop. When we got to Jazzercise, she would not leave the pumpkins in the van, I had to let her go in with her pumpkins. Later tonight, we had to go to the grocery store, and when we got in the van the pumpkins were there, and she started the "pumpkin Eli" thing again, I got a picture of her with my phone.


  1. aren't kids awesome? i mean, their brains are working so fast and so hard to compute all this knowledge. what a cute kid.

    oh, and i like "Eli", too...if you stick with it, that is. we never had a name until the child was cutting teeth (not really, but brennan was about three days old...)

  2. Ayden used to call pumpkins "apples". Now they're "pownkins" with a deep southern drawl. These kids are so much fun (most of the time).

  3. That's too funny. :)

    If you choose to name him something else, poor Kailey will be all kinds of confused. You don't want that, do you? :)

    So...I'm down to the last month. It's crazy to think that within the next month I'll have a little baby. :) Crazy. I hope everything keeps going smoothly. I'm still enjoying being pregnant. I'd like my last month to be as easy as the rest.

    Did you know that it snowed here the other day? The mountains are real pretty now, since they're all white and snowy. I can't wait until the foothills get covered as well. :)

    By the way...could you email me your parents' address?

    *hugs to mommy Eli, Joel, Kailey, and baby Eli*

  4. I hope Eli doesn't come out tiny, round, and orange. If he does, stick a candle in would be cute.

  5. good thing you're not due until feb. so Kailey still has some time to realize that you won't be having a baby pumpkin! otherwise she would be realy confused