Friday, October 12, 2007

A beautiful day!

Today was a stark contrast of Wednesday. I started the day with some babysitting at jazzercise. The kiddos did great. Afterwards, Jamie, Courtney, and I went to a nearby park with the girls. I never have my camera with me, so I don't have any park pictures. It was such as beautiful day, we thought it was a perfect oportunity to go to the park.

We had a couple of firsts at the park. For the first time, Kailey played all by herself. She climbed and went down the slide by herself. I usually have to help her climb up and catch her at the bottom of the slide, but not today. I was able to sit back and watch. Next, she asked to get in the swing and swing by herself. Before, she wouldn't swing at all, not even with me. (A funny side note: the last time we were at that park, I went to a play date with Courtney, and Stacy Hutchinson was their with her two boys. Ayden, her oldest, was scared to swing, and on that play date, he asked to swing in that same swing).

When we got home, Kailey didn't nap long (who wants to nap when the weather is great?),we went out to play some more. The weather has been so hot here that we aren't able to stay out for very long periods of time, so I felt like we should take advantage of the nice weather.

For some reason Kailey likes to sit on the sewer manhole in our yard.

Later we went over to Jamie and Joe's for dinner. After dinner, Kailey found Allison's bowl.

One for me.

One for you.


  1. I love parks...Lexi and I go running at the park every morning. The kids are too little to play, but they both love cruisin' in their strollers while we burn some calories!