Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trunk or Treat and last halloween

I'm a little late posting my trunk or treat pictures. I have enjoyed looking at everyone else's so I thought I should put a few of ours up.
Kailey was really excited about all of the candy, but wasn't sure what to think about all of the decorations and costumes. I think she had fun though.

Kailey and her friend Alina (these two are nursery buddies, every time that we leave nursery to go to the restroom or outside for a walk, they always hold hands and walk together). Alina and her family will be moving soon into a new home and a new ward; we will be sooo sad.

Uncle Jared was in town from Colorado for a few days and came to trunk or treat with us. I think Kailey was sad because we took away her bucket of candy for the picture, not because she is standing by her Uncle Jared. She loves her Uncle Jared.

Kailey and her cousin Madalyn. Wendy, Joel's sister, and her family recently moved back down her from South Carolina. Kailey loves to hang out with her cousins.

Kailey and another nursery buddy, Kaiden. Kailey liked his costume a lot, Ithink because she knew that he was monkey, she likes monkeys, and she can say the word monkey.

We are really excited for trick or treating in the neighborhood tomorrow. Last year we didn't go; Kailey and I just gave out candy on the front porch. She sat in her walker in her pony costume. She didn't even know what candy was, ahh the good old days. This year we invited Jamie and Allison and Courtney (good friend, college roommate and jazzercise buddy) and her little girl Sadie to come trick or treating with us. I told Kailey this morning that we were going trick or treating tomorrow and she didn't seem to know what I was talking about, so I explained that we were going to take her bucket and go to our neighbors houses and get treats (she knows the word treat), her eyes lit up, and she said "yeah!"

Here are a few pictures from last halloween. It's fun to see how much Kailey and Allison have changed. Allison was about a month and a half old, and had just started staying with me and Kailey while Jamie finished up the school year teaching.

Kailey was 10 1/2 months and was less than a week away from walking. Her costume by the way was size 3-6 months.

A view of the front porch with our not so scary jack-o-lantern, and Kailey in her walker.

I love this one because it shows how her main and tail stuck straight out.


  1. kailey's costumes (both years) are adorable! i kind of stink in that department...i always think i can make something cute, then it turns out to not be so cute...have fun trick or treating!

  2. Cute stuff! :)

    Thank you for posting new bloggings. I hope you have a great time trick-or-treating. It's so nice that you live in a place where the kiddies can still do that. I'll be excited to take my little one trick-or-treating in the years to come. I like living in a safe place. :) They're also pretty big on Halloween here too. I think that's great. :)

    Good luck finishing the home improvement. Try not to think of another "while we're at it..." or you'll never get finished! Well..maybe not "never"....but it'll take much much longer. I'm sure you'd like to have everything wrapped up before the holidays.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your PF Chang's last night. It made me want some. I think ol' Daniel and I will have a little date night next week and go enjoy a little PFing...though all of the locations are about 30 minutes away. So...we'll just take a little drive up to Loveland for a nice dinner. It may be our last "going out, just the two of us" dinner for quite a while. :)

    So...my comments on your blogs always turn out to be almost a blog themselves...sorry about that. :)I just get all excited and type-happy.

    *hugs to mommy Eli, daddy Eli, baby Eli...and Kailey*

  3. Clare, you should definitely get a date night in before the baby comes, b/c once the babies here, it will be a lot trickier getting out. PF Chang's in Lovelands sounds like a good plan. I have actually been to Loveland, went to the Wal-Mart there with Keri (sis.-in-law). I always enjoy getting you "blog length" comments, so keep 'em coming!

  4. It's so weird how time flies! I remember trick-or-treating last year w/ a big prego belly like you and now Kalli is joining us! It will be nice to look back next year when you have Eli joining in on the fun!
    Oh and I have to add to the blog comment I love PF Changs and was telling joe that's where I wanted to go for my b-day. Sorry again about the babysitting thing but I'm glad you still were able to have a date night!

  5. That's funny, because I was walking around with a big belly last year, too! We had so much fun last year b/c it was Ayden's first time understainding everyting. He was SPRINTING from house to house, and loved saying trick or treat and getting candy. He would keep standing there and ask for more. Oh, you're going to love it! Don't forget the camera, video camera, and lots of batteries b/c the flash sucks their power out quick.