Friday, October 12, 2007

Some promised pictures

A couple of days ago, I was talking to my friend Clare on the phone, and I was telling her about Kailey making faces at herself in the mirror. (Her new favorite thing is to go into the hall bathroom, stand at the sink and say "up" until I put her on the counter so that she can play in the mirror). I promised Clare that I would post a few of the pictures, so here they are.

That is a can of febreeze she has. The t-shirt that she has on, is one that her grandad brought her, it's a Citgo junior firefighter t-shirt. She begged to put it on and refused to take it off.

And one over the shoulder. (She does have shorts on, the shirt was just longer)


  1. When I was young, my imaginary friend, Flatman, lived behind my dressor mirror and I would talk to him often and watch myself make faces at him. Cukoo!!!

  2. I think she looks so cute in her big fireman shirt. You need a full length mirror on a door in her room and she'll keep herself entertained for hours when Eli comes!

  3. Since you've been a blogginating fool the past few's one response to all three...

    I agree with the need for a full length mirror! She would love that. :) Thanks for posting pics of her playing in the mirror. Cute stuff.

    Oh, and thanks for talking to me on the phone. After reading your post about being on the phone so much and not wanting to make any more calls for a very long time, I feel quite special. :)

    Congratulations on the lovely new flooring. Is it going in the living room? Bedrooms? Whole house? Just curious.

    Also, congratulations to Kailey for being such a big girl and playing by herself and even swinging!

    Come on, you know you would have loved to sit on the sewer manhole when you were little too. :) It's like a little round mini-stage...or table...or chair...or any number of fantastic things. :)

    Good luck on the minivan drama.


  4. What a HAM! I too loved the sewer manholes as a kid. Mine was a stove. I would put globs of mud on the hot metal to "cook." I would then garnish my mud pies with a little grass...or clovers. My favorite "ingredient" was dandelions. Sometimes the mud was "eggs."

  5. Stacy, Jamie and I had imaginary friends too. Ours names were moo moo and coo coo. We talked to them, and when we got in trouble we always blamed it on moo moo and coo coo.

    Clare, the flooring is going in the living room and hall. Thanks for the big long comment.

    Jeni, Jamie and I used to "cook" in this hole where a branch fell off a magnolia tree, in mammaw's yard. It made a nice pot and we would cook soup with mud and berries from a shrub. Then we would take the big magnolia leaves and make tacos :)

  6. I think all little girls (and maybe boys too) like to "cook". The more varieties of plant life around the yard, the better. :)