Monday, November 10, 2008

The Conclusion of the slush puppy store guy and a good day

First order of business: the slush puppy store. So as I mentioned when I first walked over to the slush puppy machine, the store owner started talking to me, he said, "Slush puppy are very good, I never have any complaints (with a very thick Asian maybe Vietnamese accent)" The way that he pronounced slush puppy, I knew immediately that this was the store that Paul Hollis (a friend from LSU) used to go to every morning before school/work and get an eggroll and slush puppy for breakfast. Paul used to tell us about how as soon as he walked through the door of the store, the owner would say, "eggroll and slush puppy" to Paul because he knew what he was going get. Paul would say the line with an asian accent, and apparently he had the accent down pretty good, because as soon as I heard the guy pronounce slush puppy, I knew that this was Paul's store where he got slush puppies. I almost laughed out loud when the guy started talking to me, as I realized who he was.

Sorry Clare and Jamie, it wasn't Kevin Bacon (see comments under the previous post). When we were in high school there was a guy working at the Chevron that I mentioned in the previous post that looked just like Kevin Bacon, so we just referred to him as Kevin Bacon. And Clare, yes I do remember the field trip when we made our own slush puppies and we added way too much syrup. I also thought more syrup = more sweetness and flavor...wrong! A word of warning to anyone that comes upon a self serve slush puppy machine, do not add more than the recommended amount of syrup.

Second order of business: a good day. I don't know if the planet's aligned, or if entered an alternate universe this afternoon, but I received excellent customer service all day!! I went to Sonic today for lunch, they had the food out quicker than I thought possible, the car hop was super nice, I asked for more ketchup, she went right in and brought it right out, they got my order right, and the girl later came by with the condiment tray and checked to see if we needed anything else. I was shocked. I headed to Wal-Mart next to do a little grocery shopping (I had started going to Winn Dixie lately because of shorter lines, better variety, nicer employees, but happened to be on the other side of town, so decided to press my luck with Wal-Mart). Everything went fine with the shopping, then when I went to check out, there was NO LINE (unheard of at our Wal-Mart particulary mid day) and the cashier was super nice. Asked how we were doing and chatted, not annoying chatting just nice small talk, as he rang up the groceries. He even put the bags in my cart (this is a rarity at our Wal-Mart) as I put my debit card info in. Next stop, produce stand, everyone was super friendly there, too. I don't know what in the world was going on in Denham Springs today, but it was like a nice spell was cast on the town. I was even feeling kind of friendly and helped an older lady pick out some apples. Kailey was feeling so good, while I checked out, she was dancing in the aisles singing, "shake your booty, shake your booty..."

P.S. I was devestated this morning when I remembered that I didn't post anything yesterday. I don't know what happened. I just forgot.


  1. It's like those annoying commercials where the people keep passing on good deeds to each other! And, great customer service at Wal-Mart?! It must've been magic!

  2. I love slush the Vidalia place on the left side of the road heading to Natchez? I used to get them there, but I think they already had flavor. Hmmm.
    Also, Wal-Mart around 3 is pretty empty. I guess it's still nap time and everybody else is at work.
    Are the Salvation Army ringers out in your town yet?

  3. Ok, I'm either getting old and losing my memory or I never heard that slush puppy and egg roll story. I don't remember it. I'm glad I didn't foolishly attempt to guess who it was. What's that saying, if you never try, you never fail. That's how it goes, right?