Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He wasn't kidding about the walking and TWILIGHT

So, Eli was not kidding about the walking. In a previous post, I mentioned that Eli had taken a few steps, and I figured that it would be a while before he was really getting around. Well, nobody Eli that it takes a while to get used to walking. He has not been holding on or anything, just letting go and walking. The most that I have seen him take with out grabbing on to the next thing is 4 steps. I have really been surprised at how quickly he has taken off.

Sorry I have been going on a bit of a picture drought, I really need to get pictures off of the camera and my phone and post a few. Keep an eye out, there coming soon.

Also, we have a friend that has some connections in the theater business and I was able to go an see Twilight tonight at their employee screening. I was super excited. I really loved the books, so I was extra excited to see the movie. Frankly, the movie could have been terrible and I still would have loved it, because I love the story so much. Usually I am really picky about movies and sometimes overly critical of the acting, directing, writing, etc., but for Twilight I put aside the microscope and just tried to enjoy it. When I watched the previews, I was a little worried, because there were a few parts that looked a little hokey (couldn't think of just the right adjective, so that one will have to do), but I was glad to find that the previews didn't do those scenes justice. I plan to watch it again, at least once more in the theater with Joel and when it comes out on dvd, who knows, the sky is the limit :)

One last thing, I got the last wires for my braces put in today! Hallelujah! I will have to wear these for 6 weeks. I thought that I would get to go back in 4 weeks and possibly get them off before Christmas, but he wanted me to go 6 weeks this time : ( Wow, I just realized how close we are to Christmas. I had better get started on my Christmas shopping list, Christmas cards (I am going to try and get some sent out this year, did it the year before but not last year), and plan and prepare for Kailey's birthday. This time of year gets really busy quick, so I better get to work!


  1. I was just thinking the same thing about getting busy for Christmas. I saw a sales paper or something that said it's just 5 weeks til Christmas and when I saw it I thought, that's not right! But it is! Yikes!

  2. wasn't halloween yesterday? now it all makes sense on why they're playing christmas music in wal-mart.

  3. I need your address and Jamies
    my email is

  4. it is crazy to think that christmas is almost here! i can hardly believe it! it's quite rattling on my nerves how busy/hectic this time of year can be. i wish we could take time to slow down and appreciate what the season is all about

  5. I didn't send out Christmas cards last year either but I'm determinded to do it this year...I need to get on the ball for our family pictures though...easier said than done.