Sunday, November 9, 2008

Slush Puppies

I found slush puppies today! Growing up, Jamie and I used to get Slush Puppies at Murray's, a gas station in Vidalia. Then when Murray's closed, there was a Chevron Station that had them. Eventually the Chevron closed and I have rarely found a slush puppy since. Well, today I found one!! Joel and I took the babies to the park and on our way, we passed a gas station that had a slush puppy sign outside. I figured that it was probably an old sign and they probably didn't sell them anymore. I was beginning to think that Slush Puppies no longer existed because it had been so long since I had found one. So Joel and I stopped at the station on our way home, and lo and behold a Slush Puppy machine! I got a watermelon one of course, Joel a grape, and Kailey a strawberry. They were excellent! Also, I recognized the guy who owns the store almost immediately, but I have never met him. Its late, so I don't have time to go into the story right now. Just out of curiosity, Jamie or Erika, do you know how I know the convenient store owner? I'll put the story up next time.


  1. Kevin Bacon didn't relocate did he? :)

    That's awesome you found slush puppies. :) Remember that field trip when we stopped at the store and got to make our own for the first time....meaning too many squirts of syrup? I do.

  2. I know exactly which store you're talking about but I have no idea how you know the owner. Could it be Kevin Bacon? No - could it?
    And Clare, yes I do remember that day we made our own slush puppies. We were feeling spunky (as all kids on field trips do) and we got a little carried away with the syrup. I thought for sure that it would just taste sweeter and more powerful - WRONG. Sour and nasty!

  3. You have me all curious about this store owner. Good thing you're posting everyday so I don't have to wait long to find out!